Our Journey | A Practical Guide to a Peaceful Life

By Rachel Ben-Or

Our Journey is a book about the spirit, about the power of our thoughts, about the connectivity of the universe, but most importantly—it is a book about you. By sharing the story of my experiences, and my own spiritual journey, I want to take you to a realm of understanding that I know in my heart will lead you to long-lasting and positive impacts on your life. What follows are the details of my journey, but they will ultimately lead you to your story, your future, and your potential.

If you ask yourself questions such as: Why are we here? Why can’t we control our life’s path? Why are negative things happening consistently no matter how hard we try? Why were we born to our specific parents? Or, what is missing? You need to know that the answers are inside you. All you need to do is look and ask the right questions at the right time. This is the key to reaching your complete self.

These questions work together to bring us to a greater understanding of ourselves. For the answers do not lie in the world around us, but rather in the depths of our mind and soul. By asking, and by searching, you begin a journey that has the ability to alter your existence, shift your ways of thinking, and bring about a peace so powerful that the world will open its gates to all your desires, all your true authentic needs, and all the things that you think are lacking from your life.

How do I know this? Because I have taken this journey. I asked the question, Why am I here? I asked it over and over again. I listened to where that question wanted to bring me. I went down a long, deep spiritual journey that was filled with twists, surprises, and enlightenments that I could never have imagined. I discovered things about my present that were fueled by my past; I learned things about my past that bore out the ability to open new pathways for my future; and I learned things about myself that I could never have otherwise known. And the journey never stops. I am still on this path. I am still learning; I am still discovering; and I am still growing.

Now I want to share with you the lessons I have gleaned so far from this journey.

It is now time for you to take the journey. To ask yourself, “Why am I here?” and open your heart and mind to the many possibilities that question may lead you to. It will take bravery, it will take persistence, and it will take a guide who has been there before. But you have all those things in your possession. By opening this book, you proved that you have the bravery to continue forward. By soldiering past the challenges of your life so far, you have proven that you have the persistence it takes to find enlightenment. And now you have my story to champion you as a guide as you set upon your own spiritual adventure.

You were brought to this world for a reason: to find your Pure Soul. The world has given you challenges, but I ask you to no longer think of them as such. They are not challenges. They are gifts. They are the mile markers that show you the way to completeness and fulfillment. They are flares in the dark helping you on your journey toward answering the question, Why are we here? They are the pathway to a life devoid of fear, doubt, and loneliness, leading to an existence where all that remains is a beautiful, complete you. This is a journey—one well worth taking, and one that I am honored to take alongside you.