Things That We Feel Stuck With

I want to talk about things that we are stuck with. Like those bad thoughts from memories from the past, that we feel stuck with. In which we might blame others, or feel that someone did something to us that wasn’t right, things we can’t seem to move on from.

The heavy things that we carry with us, can be from parents, friends, teachers, siblings, coworkers, and relationships.

When the memories come we feel hate, disappointment, sadness, and all the emotions that bring us down. We feel confused and angry, and it affects us greatly.

The universe is changing, people are more open, doing the work to see what is good for them and what isn’t. This planet is changing our lives for the better. It is going to be very pleasant to be in.

The one thing that we need to do is to clean all these thoughts and memories, to clear the slate. To send love and forgiveness, to understand why these things came to us, why these lessons have entered our life, and move on.

Don’t be stuck with these blaming negative thoughts, thinking about it makes you feel like you want to cry. Just let it go, clean it. Any way that you need to do this do it, if you need help or to talk to someone do that. Find these thoughts, understand why they come and let them go.

Know that these are a part of your journey that you have to go through. They are there to teach you something, but they are not stuck with you. You are meant to be fulfilled, happy, and not have anything weighing you down or something that is just a memory now making you feel stuck.

If you need help with this please check out my book Our Journey, where I talk a lot about clearing and moving forward from our pasts.

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