Peace – Finding Peace with the People Around Us

Finding peace with the immediate people around us is something that can unblock our entire life.

This is the time to get through all the blocks and frustrations with people you know closely that you have built up emotions about.

People that may have hurt you in the past, people who irritate you so much you don’t want to be around them. This is where you need to look closely and ask yourself why? Why are you clashing? Why has this happened to you? What needs to heal within yourself?

Each person has their own journey and their own thinking, it is not worth it to have this anger and frustration towards them.

It affects us, and this is the time when we need to do it, we need to make peace with the people around us. We need to figure out what bothers us, who bothers us, and what we can do with the aggravation, with the judging, with all of these things that do not bring us peace.

This is the time to find peace with all people who are around you, and realize there are bigger challenges to face, and being at peace with those in your circle will be the right step moving forward.

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Arguments – What to do when they come into our lives?

When arguments come up and we start to have a conflict between two people – disagreements, anger, losing patience, fighting, and clashing – it hurts. When there is a relationship between two people that know each other well, such as family, brother and sister, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc.

First, know that the fights always come from the ego. It will never finish, never be done, never be okay. Until you make peace with your side for you, not the other.

What do we do when an argument happens? First, think about it and ask yourself why has it come to your experience? Why have you gotten to this point? The anger that comes, why have you attracted it in, is there something that you can do differently?

Am I wrong in the situation at all, and can you correct yourself for the next time that this will happen?

As for the other person involved, whatever has been said or done to you, remember that it is about them. What they are projecting is their own story, their own lesson, not yours.

Of course, it is best never to get to this point, but if it has happened, and you have a conflict or argument in your life, it is best to take a step back, to think, to process, to look at the situation.

We can never change another person, but we can change our thoughts. Take it out of yourself, let go of this anger, let go of the fight, and let go of what you can on your side.

The right step is to understand and respect each other, if you are in the place of argument just remember it comes from the ego, and ask where was your conscious to attract this in?

Figure out why it has happened and what you can do to make sure next time you don’t get to this place.

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Love – Release Fear

What do I mean by this?

Fear comes to us all of the time. All different kinds of fear. Little fears, big fears, hurt, confusion.

With fear comes jealousy, low self-esteem, sickness, depression, and feeling stuck, all of these kinds of things come with fear.

In my opinion, fear comes to us only to wake us up, to help us choose, to help us decide. It does not matter the situation, it comes to us to wake us up, and move us through.

The only thing that can lessen the fear or make the fear disappear is love. Love is a state of mind that makes you feel good. You feel powerful. You feel you are in the right place. You are not moving around in your head – you know what you are doing. You like where you are.

How do you return to love?

You stop blaming other people, you care about the other from a place of love and feel the love for that person. You love yourself, you accept yourself. You realize that this is exactly what you need at this time, even if it is not comfortable.

Love is to see the good in the other person. To see how the cup is full. To put seeds out there for good fruit to come.

Even if we decided on something and it does not fit what we want, that is how we change with love and not fear. See how the future can be good. Accept everything.
Keep returning to love. Keep the mindset in a state of love. Care about each other, look with love.

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Victim Consciousness

I want to talk about victim consciousness, and where this feeling of being a victim comes from.

In life, we want to feel good, we want to feel happy, we want clarity, and we want to feel loved. We don’t want to feel aggravated, angry, scared, or like we cannot do something, we want to feel good.

Where does this Victim Consciousness come from? When we feel scared, or in fear, or worry, or like a victim?

Feeling this way comes from when we blame others. We blame the external, our jobs are too much, because of this person you got stuck, or you blame your parents, your partners, your neighbors, etc.

A reminder that nobody does anything to us, we attract these experiences in life to learn. If you have a situation that you do not like or you feel sad or angry in the moment, know that there is something you need to learn here.

Again nobody does anything to you, it is in your mind, and it is for you to learn from. For example, if you are unhappy in your job or your career and maybe someone gets a raise and you feel let down, know that you are meant to learn from this, or maybe re-route your mind, your path.

As hard as it is to face things, you must ask ‘Why?’

Why is this happening to me? What feelings are coming up in your mind and body that brought this, maybe jealously, maybe negative thoughts? It can be that you are bringing this into your reality, or it can be pushing you to find something else that will make you happy.

Victim consciousness comes to us when we blame others and when we don’t fully understand ourselves in a situation.

Be brave enough to realize it is all in your own hands.

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The First Thing in the Morning

When we wake up in the morning the thoughts we think are the ones we carry with us into the rest of the day.

That time when you wake up is a place where you can start to think differently and attract the changes you want into your reality.

Usually, we always want change in our lives in some way. Sometimes we want it so much, but it is not coming. Even when we imagine it, meditate on it, read positive things, etc. It might be wanting a relationship, or a new relationship, a new job, to move to a new city, a new home, get a new car, have money come in, have a different lifestyle, etc.

The thoughts you think in the morning play into this. You need to honestly look at them – when you wake up in the morning what are the thoughts that start to come up in your mind?

You will quickly see you are thinking about the things that are not feeling good, that are incomplete, that you lack. So you stay with that energy, with those thoughts. What you do not have, or wish you had but do not.

This is our responsibility to change, and we can. The morning is an essential time to take notice and start to be more grateful, appreciative, and in the right mindset.

Write down your thoughts in the morning, this is how you change your mind, how you change the way you are thinking. Write down what you want, and what you are thinking that is good, and more of those kinds of thoughts will grow.

You will start to get into that habit, of using the morning time to only think the way you want your life.

We create our own lives. This is the place where it starts the most. It is up to us, to manage our thinking, our environment, and our reality.

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The Now

I just thought that it allows good to remain on this topic again and again, but truly the best thing you can do is live in the moment.

Our mind goes into the future and past so quickly. We get tuned in to our future, how we will make money or if we will have enough money, how or where we will live, what we are going to do, what about our health, worry and anxiety follow – are we doing this right?

Or we are thinking about the past.

We analyze our background, what our parents did to us, what our teachers told us, our past failures, or things that could have gone differently. When this happens we get worried, anxious, sad, and upset. 

This causes a blockage as when this happens it takes us again out of the now and into fear-based thoughts.

To live in the moment means to live in the now. 

This is where God – the “Creator” the light, the truth, your intuition, and answers, all come to you.

If you teach yourself to come back to the now. Your life becomes easier, you don’t have as much worry, come back to this moment.

Exercises can help you train your mind to come back to the present. It is always between you and your mind. You bring your mind to the present when you hear music, or the car outside, or the rain. 

When you see trees moving in the wind, flowers blooming, people laughing or chatting. You come back to the now and remind yourself that you are in the now and here, it is okay.

Talk to yourself and bring yourself into the now when you start to think about the future or the past. 

Remind yourself to come back to the present when you feel anxious or worry about what is next. Live now and enjoy the moment. Bring yourself back to what you are doing now. For example I am reading now, I will enjoy the book, I am eating now, I will enjoy the food, I am with this person now, I will enjoy the company, I am working now, I will enjoy the work.

When you live in the moment, be content with the present, things you do want are able to come in, as the blockages are released.

I talk a lot about this in my book, Our Journey. 

Be where you are, it’s enough as is.

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The Power of Imagination

This is a reminder of the power of imagination and how we create our own reality.

Imagination is so important in our lives. When we say we want things, such as better relationships, a new car, a new job, health, etc. we pray, we meditate, we do all kinds of things to get there. We go to the ocean, we look at the sky, we crave relief from what we currently have. All of these things are good, but why do so often the things we want not come into our life?

Imagination is the key – to sit with yourself and imagine yourself as you have it. To imagine the specifics of what you are asking for.

What kind of car?
What kind of relationship?
What kind of experiences?

A helpful way is to write down exactly what you want, if you want a relationship get specific on it, if you want a job, an apartment or a house. The more specific you are and the way you imagine it, is the way of the universe and how it will come into your life.

If we don’t ask for things and imagine them, we are given something else that is close but maybe not quite right.

So take the time, to dream, to envision, to imagine what you really want and know it can be yours.

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A Reminder About Anger

Let’s talk about Anger again.

Some people experience more anger, and some people less. Where does it come from and what can we do when it does come up?

Anger comes from fear. 

Anger comes from the unknown. Anger can come from a belief that you believe in and another person doesn’t. It can come from other people pushing your buttons in some way. Anger can come from so many things.

I know that nobody wants to live with Anger. Nobody wants to exist in the dark, and not be in the light. 

Of course we don’t want the anger to be there, but it comes. 

We must look into why and where it comes from and understand it, this is how we grow from it and control it.

Anger usually is between two or more people. Between family, between a spouse, or between a coworker. 

The main thing to do in this situation is to really listen to what the other person has to say. First, listen. Now after a day or two, you can say clearly and concisely about how you didn’t like it, or it wasn’t kind, and we must talk like human beings, respect that we can believe differently and that usually when we listen we find compassion for each other even when we disagree.

Anger can also come from things such as reading the news or just being frustrated with circumstances outside of you. 

Everyone sees things differently. We all have our own universe and different thinking/understanding in our heads. 

That is okay. 

Each one of us is at different levels. Which is totally okay. We are all on our own time and pace to learn in this lifetime.

How do you relax anger? 

By counteracting with what brings you joy, or brings you to a place of feeling good. It is different for everyone. Some people love to play tennis, dance, hike, surf, read, do artwork, etc.

Another thing to do is to listen to relaxing music on Youtube or meditations and affirmations, something that allows you to be quiet with yourself and tune in to you. Doing this you can picture cleaning yourself, or taking anger out of your system. Anger is easily able to disappear when we take time to restore ourselves and move through it.

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Changes in Our Lives

Change happens all the time in our lives. If we want to change, we have to step into it. We don’t need to worry about change, it is only for good.

I want to talk specifically about changing our circumstances. Changing our space, relationships, jobs, etc.

We have to step out of what we currently have, so we have the opportunity for change to come in. You cannot remain exactly as you are, you have to change something for change to come.

If we stay in the same place, the same house, the same city, the same routine, it is hard to see different things coming to us, to even have a different perspective.

Every change that we do bring in, a different house or apartment, or different city, different state, different country. Any step that feels like a change is good. It allows us to know ourselves better, change is only for good.

The main thing is to not fear change. To not be afraid to take a step and try, no matter what happens it will be for good. We can see different things that we can create, or be, to change energy so that you are not stuck in one place.

I think change is so important. Sometimes you see people that still live in the same place that their parents live, they are still working in the same job, in the same place. I don’t want to judge anyone’s path, but from my point of view and experience, if you want to know yourself better, to create new things, to open new doors, you need to step out and be brave enough to do different things, to change.

Even with jobs, there is no need to fear opportunities not being there for us. Of course we need to do it within reason and be smart about how we change and not act on impulse, but to know there is always going to be something to catch us. To know that change is good. There is no need to fear stepping into it.

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Asking the question of “why?” is really important. I talk a lot about this in my book, Our Journey.

To ask “why?” makes us go deeper and look at our lives and understand them, bringing us a better quality of life.

Asking “why?” questions such as: Why do I belong to this family?
Why do I have these children?
Why have I chosen this job or career path?
Why do I want to be a writer?
Why do I like this person? Or anything that I choose, why?
Why do I live in this country?
Why did I move to this country?
Why, and why, and why?

Why do we need to ask these questions? By asking these questions of “why?” we start to know ourselves. We start to understand what we like, what we want, what we have, and where we can learn.

We also are able to see places/areas in our lives where we can do better, understand why we are here, and perhaps a way to do it differently.

By asking “why?” on all topics, you see things you want more of in your life and things that you no longer want to have. You see clarity and an understanding of where you are now, and how you can improve yourself.

When we sit with ourselves and ask ourselves the why questions, we gain a clearer state of mind about which way to take our life, of what we need to do next. We come to peace with who we are, how it is better to have a peaceful life, to understand other people, to love yourself. All of these things come from the question of why? And being honest with your answers.

Again, doing this will ultimately enhance our lives, and add depth and understanding.

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