Hatred … Where does it come from?

What do we need to learn from it and what to do with it?

It happens when there is a strong disagreement or differing belief between people. Different views, religions, political views, racist views, when another thinks he is better or smarter than others.

Hatred comes from division. If one person is a vegetarian and hating anyone who eats meat because of animal cruelty there is still hatred on both sides.

Many examples in the news are seen in wars and divides.. dislike of difference. All of the issues arise when different views and beliefs clash with each other.

Basically people think first in a defensive way to protect themselves when hateful energy is happening.

However, it so important to understand that each one of our souls come for a different purpose to this universe this life.

Each one of us has a different job to do in this lifetime. Each of us is born to a different religion, different country, a different color, for a purpose to live out to expand.

We can just do us. However, we must respect each other, as we all have our own journey.

Repeat the affirmation – I can just do me.

To guide people away from hatred it is so important that we know this. We cannot change a person and we cannot dislike another person because they are different from us. There is no need to defend, more important to accept we are all here for our own reasons and our own journey.

Every soul that comes into this world comes with is unique purpose to reach UNITY, it is like a puzzle, each puzzle has a different shape and color and we too, we have to complement each other with out hate.

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About Lack – Something We Had in the Past

When we miss the things that we used to have, or no longer have, we are focused on lack. It can be a physical thing, an emotional thing, a person, or a material thing. It can be anything that you feel you don’t have and you wish you did, or you miss it, and wish you had it back.

It is nice to remember things that you have. If we miss or long for something that we don’t have, however, it usually makes us feel inadequate and not enough. It is good to notice where you feel lack, but to then switch your mindset away from it as soon as you can.

We can learn from the feeling of lack that comes up, and then let it go, and go on. It is good to remember the things that we used to have and we don’t have. It is also important to remind yourself that you still can have them if you want, but everything comes at different times.

Don’t wish. If you want to, try to see if it really will fit your life, and then go for it and get it. If it is love, or material things, or a business. Take an action that will get you closer to having it. Otherwise let it go. Repeat the affirmation: what is meant for me will come to me. What is meant for me in this life, will come to me. Take a step and then let go and trust it will come.

Don’t look at other people, or compare. Comparison brings lack as we see others having what we want, and don’t have. When you start to feel envy, or comparison, or jealousy, or a wishing of your life to be better than it is. Turn off the lack mindset and refocus your attention. You never know what other people are going through … refocus your mind back to you. When we are living in lack we are preventing things to come to us.

Don’t let yourself wish for your life to be different, or missing what you had, or didn’t have. 

Stop comparing – relationships, business, money, others. Each one of us can take the things that have happened in the past and in our mind and we wish things were different. Break that habit, and come back to the now. What you can do to get it, or how you can let it go.

Let go of the lack, and come back to love.

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The Moment – Being in the Present

I know this topic is talked about again and again, but truly the best thing you can do is live in the moment.

Our mind goes into the future and past so quickly. We get tuned in to our future, how we will make money or if we will have enough money, how or where we will live, what we are going to do, what about our health, worry and anxiety follow – are we doing this right?

Or we are thinking about the past.

We analyze our background, what our parents did to us, what our teachers told us, our past failures, or things that could have gone differently. When this happens we get worried, anxious, sad, upset. 

This causes a blockage as when this happens it takes us again out of the now and into fear based thoughts.

To live in the moment means to live in the now. 

This is where God – the “Creator” the light, the truth, your intuition, answers, all come to you.

If you teach yourself to come back to the now. Your life becomes easier, you don’t have as much worry, come back to this moment.

Exercises can help you train your mind to come back to the present. It is always between you and your mind. You bring your mind to the present when you hear music, or the car outside, or the rain. 

When you see trees moving in the wind, flowers blooming, people laughing or chatting. You come back to the now and remind yourself that you are in the now and here, it is okay.

Talk to yourself and bring yourself into the now when you start to think about the future or the past. 

Remind yourself to come back to the present when you feel anxious or worry about what is next. Live now and enjoy the moment. Bring yourself back to what you are doing now. For example I am reading now, I will enjoy the book, I am eating now, I will enjoy the food, I am with this person now, I will enjoy the company, I am working now, I will enjoy the work.

When you live in the moment, be content with the present, things you do want are able to come in, as the blockages are released.

I talk a lot about this in my book, Our Journey. 

Be where you are, its enough as is.

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The Secret of Sharing

Usually when people share, they expect that they will get something back in return.

It doesn’t necessarily need to be something physical like money or material goods, it can be love, or kindness, attention, or time.

The secret on sharing is simple. It is to give without expecting anything in return… and then it comes to you.

When you start to be nice, or a people pleaser, etc. You are working against the current and although it may come back, what works best is when you give unconditionally. Not so that you
will be liked, or that you will get what you want.

Whatever you have within you, give that out without expecting anything to come back to you. Don’t think how or what you will get out of the giving, think about just what you have to offer and let go of anything beyond that.

Give from the bottom of your heart. Give what you have away.

Even with your children, your spouse, just give what you haves thinking of how much you give and what they give back.

It is like a candle that is lit and shares light. Just share your light, and good things will come back to you. It is when we start to think of what we are getting in return that we give in a way that can drain us or feel tiresome. When you give without wanting you feel full, happy, and in alignment with you.

The giving needs to flow. The secret of sharing is letting go of the outcome and just giving.

When thoughts come up such as, “Oh I give so much and I don’t get anything back…”, you have lost the flow.

Give what you have unconditionally, and all will come to you.

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The Power of Imagination

We need to be quiet with ourselves, and tap into the power of imagination and visualizing what we want.

When there are times when we don’t know what we want, when we can’t see clearly, when we feel indecisive, lost, confused, this is the most important time to clearly sit and listen and see what you want.

Imagination is how things come into being.

When we are jumping around in our personal lives, with our career goals, with scattered thoughts, or feel torn in different directions it is time to get quiet.

If thoughts are scattered we cannot focus on what we want to do.

Things may feel overwhelming. Also as things we wanted before come into our existence and are new this feeling can happen too..

For example a new relationship, a new job, changing cities, everything can feel confusing, and there is that period of uncertainty of what are we doing this for?

Is it right?

Did we do it wrong?

So what do we do?

We let go.

We still our minds.

We sit down and we open ourselves up.

Repeating mentally that they how is not in our hands, to let go and just start to see again clearly from yourself. Then we start to say okay. This is what I want. Start to imagine it. Letting go of how it will come into being.

For example someone wants to find something new to do or some new work. To get a new job, or an interview, an opportunity to come through. You find stillness to quiet your mind and you just imagine how you do it, how you feel, what you look like, who you interact with.

Some examples are, you have a small house and you want a bigger house. Or you want to move and live in a different city. Or you want to find a new career, a new passion, do something extraordinary and unique but don’t know what, why, or how.

The first step is to believe in it and visualize it and see it. To fell into it, without it existing yet. See yourself
where you want to be and start to give details about it. Maybe a piece of furniture in the new house you want, or a front door, a career you love and how you get there, the car you drive.

They key is to know that even when you have what you want you must keep going, it comes and then the overwhelm comes, and the trick is to take time each day to tap into your imagination and see yourself where you want to be, but to let go of the how and why and the resistance, or worry that it won’t come to you.

If you want to do something unusual but you don’t believe you can do it, because you don’t see it. You start to visualize it and when that comes clear you start to build the things that you want. This is how it all starts to happen, with you and your imagination.

In my book I talk about this, and how to understand the power of the mind. It all starts within us.

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Blockages. Where do they come from? How and why do blockages come to our life?

People often don’t understand why they have a blockage…why they can’t move on. Why they keep getting stuck on the same thing.

We are not moving forward. It can be frustrating to feel stuck.

Most blocks come from the Ego. They come from anger, or jealousy, or fear.

It is from not accepting something about your current life, not accepting a commitment, a mistake, a loss, or where you are.

Blockages come from any negative experience, or thought that we put ourselves into. People need to see how much damage it costs when we don’t have control of our thoughts, our conscious.

When we talk bad about other people, when we laugh about other people, compare, when we put out these negative energies into the world, it comes back to us.

We create our own blockages. The blocks in our life don’t come from no where, it isn’t random. It comes from our thoughts, our emotions, how often we live in a state of judgement, fear, loss, ego, jealousy, pain, worry, regret.

This is how blockages are created in our life. Those blockages are like a U-turn. When you want to move forward, to get to your goals, go forward, shine, succeed, or love, or joy, the blockages are like a U-turn around, you don’t move forward you go back and relive what you just did, or they state you were in.

The blockages come from the way you think, and what you put out to others, it comes from us, and we get stuck.

We need to be careful about where our conscious is, and where our thoughts are.

Just remember whatever you put out comes back, and that is how you can begin to unblock what is going on in your life too.

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This week I want to talk about Anger. Some people experience more anger, some people less. Where does it come from and what can we do when it does come up?

Anger comes from fear.

Anger comes from the unknown.

Anger can come from a belief that you believe in and another person doesn’t. It can come from other people pushing your buttons in some way. Anger can come from so many things.

I know that nobody wants to live with Anger. Nobody wants to exist in the dark, and not be in the light. Of course we don’t want the anger to be there, but it comes.

We must look into why and where it comes from and understand it, this is how we grow from it, and control it.

Anger usually is between two or more people. Between family, between a spouse, between a coworker.

The main thing to do in this situation is to really listen to what the other person has to say. First listen. Now after a day or two, you can say clearly and concisely about how you didn’t like it, or it wasn’t kind, and we must talk like human beings, respect that we can believe differently and that usually when we listen we find compassion for each other even when we disagree.

Anger can also come from things such as reading the news, or just being frustrated with circumstances outside of you.

Everyone sees things differently. We all have our own universe and different thinking/understanding in our heads.

That is okay. Each one of us is at different levels. Which is totally okay. We are all on our own time and pace to learn in this lifetime.

How do you relax anger?

By counteracting with what brings you joy, or brings you to a place of feeling good. It is different for everyone. Some people love to play tennis, or dance, or hike, surf, read, do artwork, etc.

Another thing to do is to listen to relaxing music on Youtube or meditations, affirmations, something that allows you to be quiet with yourself and tune into you. Doing this you can picture cleaning yourself, or taking anger out of your system. Anger is easily able to disappear when we take time to restore ourselves and move through it.

I wish you all the best and am here if you need me.

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About Us & This Planet

I want to speak about this planet and us. 

First, nobody is better than anybody. Each of us comes here with something unique inside of us that we offer to the world.

Each of us also come with something we want to achieve. 

With that we also come with our challenges, our fears and obstacles of getting there.

It’s like a puzzle. 

Each one of us is here to do the job personally… different for everyone. Each is on a unique journey.

What is happening now is that we see each others lives on display. 

For example if someone has a nice car, we want the same. If someone has a nice house, we want the same. If someone is on a nice vacation, or in a really amazing relationship… we want the same. People are seeing what others do so often that we forget about ourselves and that each of us offers something different to the world.

Each one of us is here to do his/her job. We live in an age of comparison. We see what others do, and feel a need to do that too, that we forget that we all come with something unique, that each path is different. Remind yourself that everyone has something unique that belongs only to them – something that belongs only to you. It is better to focus on ourselves. To find out what we like, what we want, who we are. It is better and more rich to focus on what is within us.

We came to this planet for two reasons:

1. To find our potential, our unique, original gift and to give it to others.

2. To find the things that we have difficulty in, for example when a person pushes your buttons, which is hard, so that we can correct them in ourselves, expand and grow.

Find what is yours. What you want, and what you get pleasure from. When we focus on what isn’t ours, or copy others, or what we want that might just not for be us, we feel sad and lost.

Come back to what is you. What is within you.

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To Be in the Light – or to Be in the Dark – You Always Have a Choice

The light and dark are two contrasts. You can tell where you are, and you can always choose again if darkness finds you.

To be in the light means to share. 

To help others. 

To cook for them. 

To give. 

To be kind. 

To help the community. 

Anything that you can give out from yourself to help others.

To be in the light is also to be in gratitude. 

To be thankful for every day. 

To laugh and to smile. 

To elevate others. 

To give them compliments. 

To appreciate them. 

To live from that state of appreciation… what you have, what is around you. 

To feel healthy, and alive. 

To understand nature. 

To be in nature. 

To cheer for what is good, have integrity. 

To live from your own inner truth. Remember any kind of help to another is you in the light. 

To love others. 

To be kind.

To be in the Dark … is the opposite of the light. 

When you are jealous. 

When you are angry with others.

When you think only about yourself.

When you are selfish. 

When you don’t share what you have. 

When you don’t give your time for the community or for others… this is the darkness.

This is just a reminder that when you feel low or when you are not happy, you are in the darkness.

Whenever we find ourselves there, it is just a reminder to realize that we have choices and that you can move out of this place. You came to this place and you can change it, and you can act differently.

You don’t have to be stuck in the darkness… which leads us down and down and down… sickness, struggle, etc. You always have a choice to choose the light. No matter how long it takes.

How can you give today?

How can you feel good today?

How can you cherish or appreciate something that you do have today?

We always have a choice, and the spectrum of light and dark is just a contrast that can help us choose again.

The lighter it gets – better, brighter, fulfilling, beautiful, abundant, loving… or the darker it gets… but just work your way back to the light again and again, it is always there for you.

Sending much love and light your way.

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Don’t Be Afraid, Don’t Be Scared – A Reminder

People often think of being scared, or afraid is when something tragic happens and yes of course, but also to be afraid is a message inside you that you don’t have to fear, you are okay.

This blog is a reminder of this.

When we are scared, when we are jealous, when we lie, or when we are angry it all stems from being scared.

All negative emotion is related to being afraid. And that brings us to darkness.

I just want to remind you that when you are afraid, it means you are not coming from your positive side… from your light side.

The other side is a place of fulfillment, ease, happiness, relaxed, and joy… and when we feel fear… it is so important to notice it and then come back to the light.

It is important to notice fear, but even more important is to remind yourself to not be afraid, to focus on something else. To bring yourself out of the dark and back into the light.

Fear is always guiding us to return to the light.

Is it for me? Or not for me? Any situation … say that and think about it and notice how you feel where it is pushing you. When you are afraid it is like a compass that is there to teach you something and to guide you.

I wanted to remind you that fear is okay. Being afraid is okay…

But when you feel it remind yourself that you don’t have to feel it. You can guide yourself out of fear and back into light through the hurt and pain is a message to love.

I am here if you need more help with this, or please check out my book as I talk a lot about your thoughts and the power of overcoming your fears.

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