Something Bigger Than Me

It is always good to have a belief and knowing that something exists beyond you.

The creator to me is something complete. It is like a candle with a light, and how much you share the light it still stays the same.

You can name it whatever you like as “the creator” is not something physical, it is something complete. I strive to be the same as the creator … it is a force that you cannot necessarily describe, it is beyond us and whatever you feel you can name it – the universe, a god, creation.

I use it as an advisor to see how I can complete myself. How do I tune into that energy? I share, accept the way I am now, be present.

The creator to me is like a father, a teacher, not physically but an energy and a force. It is a feeling. Not something you can imagine, or see, or describe.

In my book I write about the Creator in us all. taking note on the fact that “the concept of the creator has an innately religious aura to it. I want to note that when I say “Creator”, I simply mean the source of all our worlds energy, all of its light, the beginning of all thought and action.

“The Creator is like a father, or a teacher. It is something that is more than myself, someone I can talk to and that I know will always listen. The creator is always there, always listening, and it answers with messages and clues sent in the form of other people, thoughts, and ideas. The Creator protects me, and it is pure energy.”


A Good Friend

A reminder to surround yourself with people who elevate us.

To have a peaceful life, we must feel elevated, have people that can lift us up, near these kinds of people we feel strong and not weak.

Feelings to avoid comparison, control, feeling weak or less than a person.

Feel comfortable in their presence, feel able to be ourselves, we want to feel welcome, we want to feel comfortable to speak our mind.

Push you to be better, give you compliments, encourage you, someone that really listens to you, doesn’t interfere.

To listen, to see the other from their shoes.

In my book I write about relationships and want to remind you that all friendships and relationships are here to teach us something. A reflection of something in us.

“We learn from every experience. Each experience is there to serve you on your journey to becoming complete, and therefore there are no good or bad experiences, only experiences to learn from.” The way we feel is how we learn and let in what feels good. Elevated. We can then see what is serving us and what we may need to let go of.


Why Do We Need to Know About the Sign of the Zodiac?

The Zodiac signs are en excellent tool to use to help us understand the relationships in our lives. The signs are guides to help us know what qualities come naturally. Libras, for example, tend to be indecisive. No matter if you fully believe in astrology or not, learning the signs of the people in your life will help you.

Your Zodiac Sign or “Star Sign” is a reflection of the position of the sun when you were born. Each one of the signs in the Zodiac has something we can learn, and something that can help us understand the other people so we know how to be with them and what comes naturally to them.

We can also use the Zodiac sign to understand the month and the season we are in. For example, we are now entering Virgo Season. Below is a recap on the Virgo energy coming our way, and a brief reminder of a trait each sign carries below. It is great to understand the Zodiac and use it as a way to deeper understand each relationship in our lives and where we are throughout the year.

Pisces Virgo Season Recap:

* Virgos tend to be attentive and caring, and determined to work hard, which can also cause them to be critical of situations, of other people, and of themselves.

One major pattern for Virgos is therefore, to learn to accept, respect and embrace things and people as they are, instead of judging and criticizing them for what they are not.

This month can give us the motivation to do the things we know will move us forward spiritually, even if we may find it difficult, knowing that no matter how far we have fallen or how far we have gone, we can always find our way back to our source and embrace what is.

How do we find out what we must change? A good place to start is to look at the areas where we have had the most difficulty. This may be the way we communicate, what we say or do not say, what we do or do not do. So take a closer look. The answers will surely expose themselves. There is no need to worry about this month’s discovery process – we can happily take it upon ourselves, knowing that our work really does affect the big picture.

When we build or renovate a house, we make a list of all the things that need to be done and saved and all the things that need to be taken out. This week, I suggest we make a similar list of our lives so we can take advantage of the cosmic opportunity before us.


When There is Lack in Our Lives

Each one of us comes to this planet with some kind of lack. So remember it is natural if you feel stuck in some way, like you don’t have enough in a category of life.

When we have lack it is when we don’t believe in ourselves 100%. Strengths and weaknesses in our lives… with your strengths you don’t have doubt about those, you aren’t scared to do them or talk about them… things that come to you naturally or that you feel confident in. When we feel fear or lack or not good enough it is because we don’t believe in ourselves in that area.

So what do we do when we feel that lack? Try to tune into the same energy that you have in an area of strength, bring that energy towards your lack or to a weakness. Try to get the feeling you feel when you focus on something you have a lot of, something that is working well, try to overlap that into your weakness or your fear.

For example if you are great at baking deserts and not cooking, bring that confidence into cooking and it erases the fear. To believe in yourself, find more desire in that area, find more passion.

Take it step by step. This is our journey. The lack area is part of our journey.

We need to try until we get strong. Our weaknesses take longer than our strengths because it is part of our journey and growth.

The area that you lack means you have to continue and try, when you recognize that you have lack it means you just have to work on it, and not fear it. Try to go towards that area. This is our journey. It takes time.

When you recognize this, the fear starts to leave you. As soon as you admit or notice your fear it starts to leave you.

Trying and failing is part of your journey and the reason you are here in this lifetime. This is how you build that belief in yourself. You then have to do that again and again. Different ways, and failure but continuous trying in different ways.. That is the work… and why we are here.

Try to not think about the large subjects. But think about what is right in front of you. Scared to speak up, scared to face the day, scared to go outside, scared to swim, to face the little fears of the day to day and let confidence from what you don’t fear pour into those areas.

When we feel we are enough, and happy with who we are, more comes in. So tune into that strong energy that is always there. When you experience lack, at the other end of the spectrum is confidence and abundance. Your journey is meant to have that contrast.


Fearing the Future in this Time

We cannot look back at what it was, this what I am doing now. A reminder that the fear comes from the comparison of what was, or wanting it to be different from what is.

A lot of people are scared about the future and confused. You are not alone.

People used to live with a feeling of control in their life. They thought they had some sense of control over their choices and lives. What has happened now is that everything in this planet has changed… and there is a sense of loss of control, and unknown, and what we did before we cannot do since the world has changed.

We don’t have control. We never really do. It is not in our hands, we just need to decide on what action we can take, and how we look at things. Today I am doing this and that. Decide you are doing something. Control is an illusion, you have to let it go. Every person has a lack in some area in their life. This is the area that you need to build upon.

When you believe in yourself things are going to happen that feel good, and open up for you. It is the fear that is a sign you don’t yet believe in yourself.

So a reminder to let it be and believe in yourself.

Create a new mantra that you tell yourself. Positive “I am” confirmations such as I am enough, or I love and care for myself.

In that feeling of confusion there can be hope, people need to change with that.

Try something else just even if temporary to get your mind off the fear. People need to understand that the times have changed and it might be for the better, it’s just the transition that feels choppy in the meantime. There are two ways to look at fear, one way where it is confusing and you feel stuck, and the other way to realize the challenge and then use it to grow.. to change what needs to be changed within you.

Try to live in the moment, in the now. Not about the future, what is good for this time? What can I do in this time? Move on even if it is slowly. Always do something. Try things, start to do something whatever you wanted to do and now you have more time to do. Just don’t stay in a place and wait, blaming outside factors that are outside your control. Living this way creates more fear.

What do if you are afraid? To lose your job, to find a job.

Why I am scared? Try to examine the details. What do you think you can do differently? Your mind gets focused, and actions you can take now begin to unfold.

You have fear in the area that you feel you don’t have control in, the area that you have a lack in. Because you don’t believe in yourself in that area. Try to believe in yourself in that area and send yourself love.



People are drawn to comfort.

We like things in order to be comfortable, clean, safe, nice. On the opposite spectrum people are also drawn to improvement and growth, getting new jobs, new apartments, nicer cars, that kind of expansion. Somewhere in the middle of those two feelings – security and excitement – is change.

Change is such a part of life. Every day little changes take place whether we embrace it or not. This is a message and a reminder that change, and embracing change as being positive, something we actually can look forward to, will bring us calm instead of fear. For that comfortable, clean, safe place to happen at different levels we must go through the period of change where it can feel a bit bumpy and not so smooth. It is the only way to get there.

Change is a birth of something coming into your world. Super uncomfortable for a while, and then all of a sudden the most beautiful thing in your life. The new and improved comes to us through change.

Any change that you want in your life, do not fear the process of it. When we are comfortable and don’t change anything we feel stuck. When we are uncomfortable and going through a struggle we are pushed into a direction of something new. In that stage instead of shutting down, keep climbing and knowing it is a natural process of bringing something better into your life.

If you don’t embrace the changes in your life, something comes and forces you to change. That is okay too. Adapt to whatever you are going through. When you do, growth starts to happen and you can make it to the next place of comfort. Change is the catalyst for improvement.

So look at your desires, and know to get to them, to let them into your life, you must also let in change.


A Reminder for All Moms

With children, life quickly fills up and becomes very busy. Daily activities and life amidst any time, but especially amidst this time. With the Corona Virus, most families are spending time at home and juggling work, homework, schedules, and stresses of caring for kids.

As a woman and a Mom, it is easy to lose sight of ourselves and not think about ourselves in the busy day-to-day of life. Mom’s often put their own hobbies, their relaxing downtime, and self care routines to the side, to make more time for their kids and families.

My suggestion is to remind yourself to take time for you and pick something – a hobby, or anything – that brings you pleasure. Set the time for that. As a woman we naturally become caregivers and our children become our priorities. However, this is a reminder that you are still your own person. To take care of you is essential and will not only make you a better Mom, but will give you room to breathe and find gratitude for the roles you play as a woman.

This is so important for any individual to take the time to set time for their pleasures because you get energy from those things. Dance, tennis, a run, swimming, a spa day, an art project, yoga, meditation, a getaway weekend just for you. Whatever you enjoy, or something you have always wanted to try. You don’t have to be an expert at it, just enough to prioritize what makes you feel good.

When you do the things that bring you joy – even just for one time (you can switch these things up, seeing what you like best in the process). Setting the time in your routine will bring you ease, a calm in the chaos, and a way for you, especially as a Mom, to rejuvenate yourself and not get run down. Make the time, and know it is as important to schedule as anything else!


What to Do When a Guy Disappears

Let’s start at the beginning, about a 100 years ago men used to buy women, then 70 years ago it was arranged by their families, then it was in a community… a small one, not global and as fast paced as ours today. Today things have changed so much that we can meet a person in so many different ways… online, work, travel, and then have life take us a whole different way just as fast.

Most people focus on what they want in a guy – a good job, lots of money, good looking, success.

So then we meet this person – in the beginning it’s really good. You are excited to meet someone new, it feels good, nice things are there, and its all good. Then what happens is we start to judge the other person and see the things that we don’t like…

Following judgement we have expectation … and when we have expectation we want something that isn’t delivered. Whether it be time, love, or gifts, it’s easy to be disappointed.

When you love you don’t judge. When you love, you see what you do to help the other person. Sometimes the way to help the other person is to let go of wanting him to be something that he is not, and just returning to love… and letting go.

You cannot hold onto who doesn’t serve you, what isn’t for you. Instead try to understand what you can learn from it. When you have lack in something … this relationship that is in front of you is going to push your buttons. Today the world is much more complex so this happens more often, we are also more evolved.

Try to find what area you can work on in you and try to heal that so you don’t keep repeating the same lesson.

When a relationship ends, or a guy exits your life, remember you did nothing wrong. You came here to learn and to do better so its just something that you need to learn and move through.

It’s not selfish it’s important to understand that you are just figuring out what you reflect in another. What you want, what you need, each person has different energies. They are just teaching you what you need to know about yourself.

What you want and you don’t want. Even if you love him, thats okay, but knowing it’s not for you, you will know the next relationship even more in a deeper truer way.

When a guy runs away from you, it’s just not for you. It’s not that something is wrong with you, it is just that you came here to grow and learn and be able to let go of what doesn’t stay.

Repeat this affirmation about guys in your life: “I love all of them, and can learn from all of them.” Every time you learn, it is better and better, smarter and richer, but still a relationship is a teacher so it will teach you something.

When you work on yourself and get clear on what you want you will be able to confront a man and tell him exactly what you want, and he will give it. The more you know yourself the more you know what you want, the more you will get that from a guy who is just reflecting it back to you.

You need to see in you, what you want to see in him. Then he will just show up and reflect that.

Try to see someone for who they really are, inside what is good for you. It is work, and everyone has their lesson, you each reflect back what the other has to learn. So nothing is random, and nothing is for no reason.

If it doesn’t work, it’s not for you. but you need to learn something from this relationship about yourself… to get you to the next relationship that you want to experience… the next lesson. By examining, learning, and focusing on you, you can turn the experience around.

It comes from no where. Someone can call you, remember you, remind you. The better it gets, the better it gets. The more you change your focus and energy and try to learn and grow, the richer all the experiences become even if at first they feel hard or sad.

Understanding the process is how you grow and how it touches you, adding to who you are. It is all good. We are here to experience this and to evolve.


A Reminder – To See the Good, and Focus on the Good

When you focus on what is missing or what is wrong you stay in the same place and don’t go anywhere. If you focus on what is bad, what is wrong, judging, etc. it is only in your head, and will simply make you attract more and more of those same things. Sometimes we need this simple reminder that all it really takes is a shift in perspective to focus on what is good.

When you see the good things in everything, this is how you start to draw the good things into your life. For example if a person in front of you spills a coffee on a table, you choose how you want to react… offer to help, understand, show kindness, open a door that will bring you somewhere else- perhaps they will be a new friend, a new connection, a way to feel good… or you can react with annoyance therefore not getting anywhere just feeling worse about your life and your surroundings.

This is something that we know, but it is good to be reminded of all the time. It is so easy to slip into seeing what we don’t like or what is wrong, that often times all it takes is a minute of clear thought and focus to see the good again. To see what is working out in your life.

Know that no matter what is going on you can always turn to see the clarity, compassion, kindness, beauty that exists all around you in every moment.

When you see something bad or that you don’t like, just take a moment and realize that it is only in your mind, and you can change it in a second by seeing something good and something that feels good.

We attract what we think about, and what we talk about. The way we think and the way we talk is what we attract into our lives.

It is all very simple, but it takes time to understand… it is simple but not so simple reminder that becomes a habit by practice. By reading things like this blog, by seeing laughter, and kids, and flowers, and nature, and joy … it all exists.


Planning in the Time of Coronavirus

It is hard to plan anything in this time of uncertainty, and as humans we long to control and know what is next.

This time is about change – teaching us to be in the moment, not to plan too much, plan goals but not so much rigid plans. Being present, and trying to understand what has happened to you… and why it has happened to to you.

You need to have adaptable plans in this time but also always. Things can change every moment. You cannot plan in this time of the unknown completely, but here are two plans you can have:

A – Be adaptable, be okay in the moment where you are. Temporary places… or jobs… thats okay. Being adaptable. Plan at least a few options for yourself. Every week it can be different… things are changing, we in this way are independent of what is happening outside of us. We can adapt. In this way when you have a few plans you are not disappointed.

B – Envision what your ideals look like, I see myself married, I see myself acting, writing a book, don’t get overwhelmed know that having a few plans or visions is what it will take to get there if it is meant for you and if you believe in it enough and 100%. It will happen in time. When you are ready. When it is for you.

C – Thats it, for these next couple months focus on what is right in front of you that you feel okay in this moment and then also the possibility of what can happen, the seeds that you want to plant for your future self. Less pressure of how, more trust.

Appreciate what you have!! And trust me right now you have enough. When you focus on the good, more good comes.

You don’t know where it will come from, so just be open, be grateful, and trust it all.