I want to talk about fear.

When we are scared, when we worry, when we have fears about our life, about the future, about the past, it holds us back from what we want.

It is not only when we are scared of something physical like being on a balcony on the 100th floor… or that kind of fear. I am talking about fears that block us to move on.

Fears that are stopping us from creating new things, or going on to the next level – letting in new accomplishments in our life that we want to get to. Emotional fear, fear of the unknown, fear of not being enough, these are the fears that block us, and they all start with our thoughts.

Fear can be in the way, our relationships, our business, our hobbies, fear can stop us from doing what we really want. We just need to control our thoughts. Sometimes small steps. Sometimes a bigger step, or even a jump. It really depends on the situation, but first it start with paying attention, paying attention to our thoughts.

Fear comes from the unknown when we don’t know what will happen. That is when we have to stop the fear from coming in, and focus not on the process, but more the wanting of what we want.

The fear is coming for us, to help us overcome it, so that we can get on our path and overcome what is stopping us from having the life we truly want to live.

Fear comes from the unknown. When we can stop our thoughts at this moment when there is a moment of unknown, we can stop the fear.

For example, getting a drivers license. When we first did it, we were worried. We did all the things we can do to learn, and we got to the day when the exam comes, we clear our minds, let go, and just do it.

It is the same thing with other things. When we stop the thoughts of worry and fear, and let go, and just do it, it is ours, the fear is erased.

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Healing – Using the Spiritual Body to Heal the Physical

How can you explain how some people who are sick and hurt and their situation gets worse… and they even die… and other people who are in the same situation are able to heal themselves?

First of all, whatever my answer, 99% of the time it depends on us and a small 1% sometimes it just not in our hands.

Let’s say somebody gets sick, or hurt, we have two people. One person goes to the doctor and then to another doctor and he does everything but then he ends up passing away. Then you have another person who does the same thing, and he heals himself.

Basically it depends on our mind. The first person just focused on the physical things. He didn’t ask why it has happened to me, on an internal level, he did everything right, but there is a realization that has to happen to understand why things happen to you to teach you something and help you.

It always goes through the body and then soul. We have to heal our souls. Of course there are always cases, and I am not 100% certain, there is always that small percent chance, but mostly we CAN help ourselves. By changing our conscious and the way we are thinking, by healing our minds, and souls.

Using the spiritual body to heal the physical. Understanding how we can let go of the sickness, and heal our behaviors to overcome the challenge.

If something happens – you do everything, but in the meantime you do the inner healing work, to understand why it happened and how I can use this to change my character to heal myself.

Whatever happens to this person, or to you is to wake up the person and help them heal. Help them on our souls journey. To take care of ourselves, but to also take care of our souls and our internal thoughts, that is the difference between healing.

Know that it is always up to you.

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About The Truth

I want to give you some idea on what to start thinking when it comes to the truth of something.

The thing is, it is not one single thing that is true. What is true to me does not have to be true to someone else. It belongs to me, in this life, in my time, in the time that I see it.

The truth is related to thinking someone else is wrong or untrue. We think that what I see needs to be true for everyone.

The truth is the same moment where I am in my  conscience in my mind and what I see and what I need. What I think is the truth is actually for now. For this time in my life. What I need to see and have right now. Later on it can be different.

Each one of us gets the right truth for us in in this time in life. If I believe in something, and I see it and I think it is the truth, it is mine. We can not tell other people why they don’t see the truth.

Each one of us needs to understand our own truth in the same time. I want to give you some idea on what to start thinking when it comes to the truth of something.

The thing is it is not one single thing that is true. What is true to me, does not have to be true to someone else. It belongs to me, in this life, in my time, in the time that I see it.

People are often fighting about “the truth” – nobody knows what is the truth and how to prove what is the truth.

People need to see things and prove things to be true and then when they see things physically they still don’t even believe that it is the truth.

We have a lot of time to understand our truth and it changes over time. When you are younger for example, you may believe something to be true and then when you are older looking back you realize you have a completely different truth.

We can never fight with another person and tell them to feel a different way, as the other person may not be there yet to understand the truth, or maybe you are not there yet to understand it.

There are so many examples of this relating to our time now. You can think of many issues where there are conflicting views on what the “truth” may be.

Just remember that the truth is you are on your journey and it is all relevant to the experiences you are living, your own  conscience and where you are on your path.

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Achieving Goals

To achieve the goals we set up for ourselves… anything we want in life – a job, a new house, a vacation, to meet the right person, to be physically fit, etc. Anything we want, we can have it, we just have to know what sets us back from getting there.

We set up a goal that we want to achieve. In the meantime our mind goes to so many negative thoughts – or focuses on the not having of that goal, in this mindset, and focus is the reason we don’t achieve it as quickly as we want to.

We need to set up a goal, and focus our attention on the having of it.

As if we already have it now. To focus on the goal that we set, and to not focus on the getting there, or the how it will come, or what if we can’t do it, or comparing… just refocus back on the having of it, and the feeling of that.

All kinds of thoughts come in and interfere, whether they are how we are going to do it, what other people think about it, discouragement. I call these interferences U-Turn moments.

We have to notice and then not make the turn back, to keep going and seeing the end goal, not the confusion on the way to get there. That is what sets us back.

Whatever you can do to shrink the negative thoughts and beliefs the better. The minute that you minimize them, you realize it is just a decision and your goal- what you want, is there, you are just setting yourself back when you let in discouragement and worry come in during the process.

This is how you build yourself to make yourself strong, and this is how you will get to your goals. It starts with our thoughts. If you think about what you want, and don’t let any other thoughts in but that, you are well on your way to your goal.

Good luck, and keep noticing, paying attention, asking the questions of why it isn’t working, and then realize you can turn it around. It is within you.

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Letting Go

Sometimes we feel that we did everything that we can do about a situation and we wonder why it is not happening the way we want it to, or working out for us?

In that moment, let it go, release it and let the universe take care of it.

There is this moment when we let go. There is nothing else we can do. What that means is we don’t think about it anymore, we let the situation go and we trust that the answers to it, or what we need from it, will come in its own time. There comes a point when we do the best that we can do and then all we can do is let go and release it.

When it doesn’t happen, the questions and the worry start to come. We start to compare and blame ourselves, and thoughts come in, we analyze and over think… we keep ourselves stuck in our own heads of what we did wrong. When we let it go, that is when it will come in its own time.

To let go, really means to do everything that you can do, the best you can do and then release it.
You stop putting energy and thoughts into it.

For example, let say that I have to go to court in one month. I can prepare as much as I can, get all the paperwork in order, prepare myself for the questions they will ask. Then I let it go. I don’t analyze it and I don’t think about it.

Another example is let say I send my resume. I find the jobs I want and apply, send in my resume.
Then I let it go. I don’t let the thoughts come in thinking what if they don’t choose me? I don’t let in the negative thoughts.  I just let it go, do my part and let it go.

Each one of needs to think about ourselves. Where is the area where we can let go. Where are we holding on and keeping ourselves from something? Trying to control what we no longer can?

We do our best and we let it go. That’s when you open up the space for things to come in.
I promise you when you do this, you will see miracles come in.

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Asking Questions

Asking other people’s opinion, or asking for any information or directions, or whether it is asking ourselves and looking within. Asking questions is a really good and important part of our journey.

Things happen to us, no matter good or bad and we often don’t know what direction to take, what to do, how to behave, why we feel the way we feel… we don’t know.

We can get answers by asking ourselves, thoughts and ideas come through us. Whether we get an idea, or an understanding of this is why this is happening.

Another way is to go to sleep asking the question. If you fall asleep with the intention for something to come to you it might come through you.

With other people. You don’t have to agree with them or go in the direction they advise but the process of asking them and talking about it will help the answers come to you, for you.

Asking questions is like going forward. It is expanding. You can ask on the Internet, on YouTube, you can ask other people and then biggest of all you can ask yourself.

The biggest thing is to feel that the answer or what comes is relevant to you. To learn something, to understand why something comes to your life. Asking the why Question is very important to our lives and our growth and expansion for our experience.

In my book Our Journey I have a chapter called the WHY – focused on asking the questions.

Why are you here? What is your purpose in this lifetime and why is life so full of challenges? Our Journey is a discovery of the answers to these questions.. it helps to ask them, it is how you begin to understand.

Ask the questions, to others, to yourself.

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The Way We Speak…

The Power of Words – What you Speak comes to you.

I want to talk about the way we speak and remind you that what we speak about comes to us. It comes back to our subconscious mind.

When we believe in something, when we repeat again and again it happens to us.

The subconscious mind doesn’t know about what you want or what you don’t want, it only knows about patterns of thought and words and what we think and say comes to us, creates in our reality.

We have to be careful about the way we speak, to others and to ourselves.

Sometimes it is better to be quiet and not answer about everything. Also on other people, to comment on them or say things about them in a judgmental way, really just puts it back to us.

When we complain and speak negatively it brings that in our reality. So it is better instead to just say nothing sometimes if it is something that we don’t want to bring to us and our life.

Notice how you speak and notice if your words come to judgement and you speak it and then the same situation in your journey will come to our life.

Be careful with what you put into your mind with your words. Thoughts are very powerful and words are as well and they can create the things we want in our life, but they also create things that we do not want in our life.

This is a reminder to just take note. Notice what is in your life that you are not happy with and think am I speaking of it often? Telling others about it? Complaining? Judging? Stop saying it and watch the power in it.

It all starts from within you.

I talk a lot about this in my book “Our Journey”.

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Dealing with Difficult Life Situations

When we have a bad situation – some challenge, some difficulty, some hardship in some way… we usually tell people about it.

We talk about it, we complain about it, and we feel angry about it.

The thing is we create energy when we talk and dwell in it and the more we talk about it the bigger the energy becomes, the more people believe in it… the more you believe in it… and things become worse.

For example if you have a divorce or you are fired from your job or you are diagnosed with cancer, when challenges come into our lives… we have to be careful not to make them bigger.

This is my opinion if you want to take it out of your system and talk about it and complain you can take it out of your system and tell one person that you trust.

The second thing is to write it down and then write down how you see it and how you want it to be, how you want it to be different.

The third part you write what you learn from it.

Three parts. First, Write  the situation. Second, write how you can deal with it, how you can heal from it, what you can do, what you would have done differently but also what you can differently now. Third, write down what you learn from it.

That is it.

Be careful when something challenges happens to you that you don’t make it bigger. When you write it down and you contemplate how you can make it different how you can learn from it, you already start the healing process of that situation.

Bless everyone and notice your thoughts, notice what you talk about and how often, notice that you are not making your problems bigger and more complicated than they need to be.

This is never mentioned and a really important thing to understand.

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When we are in between

When we can’t see what’s next or what we need to do.

Sometimes we feel that we are in the middle of no where.

We don’t know what we want. We don’t know what we want to do, or how to do it. We feel a bit confused.

Usually this happens when we are between the past and the next steps.

It is OKAY to be in this time, the time where we don’t know.

We are in the in-between, we lived the past and we are coming into the new, we are scared and unsure of how to get to where we want to go. It is the in-between.

Give yourself some time. Don’t beat yourself up with negative thoughts such as you’re not good or what a waste, etc.

Basically you need to sit with yourself and think about what you want. This is the way through to the clarity.

Start to write it down, little by little, even if you don’t have the tools that you need to do something.

Write it down, think about what you want in your life. Start to talk with people about ideas, about what you want, when you start to sit with things that you want to come in, they will come in. You spread it to the universe.

Even if it takes time, you will get there.

When you want to do something and you begin to think it. To share it, say it, write it, you start to become it.

Watch as you meet people who can help you. Direct you toward that thing you want to achieve. Every time write down what you are, what you did, where you want to go.

When you ask for help, it becomes closer to you. You don’t need the words that make you feel stuck and unable to see… the fear and worry, all you need is what you want and then you can start to see it, believe it, and imagine it in.

Sit with yourself and write things down that you want to come into your life, you will and can get there.

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This week I want to talk about friendship.

Friendship with co – workers, with people you went to school with, with people in your community.

The people that we are not with all the time but we really like them, and we know their life, they know our life. You know this past year and a half we didn’t see them very much. Maybe we
talked with them on the phone, maybe not. Some people moved, some people are working from home, people were afraid to see each other. There were so many factors that kept us apart.

Real relationships are when you meet someone and they are in front of you. You learn to listen. What does it mean to listen? You look at them and you listen to what they say, and you don’t stop them to answer when something comes to your mind. You fell into them. You give them love, empathy, attention, compliments, elevate them. To change their thoughts and the way they are thinking by telling them they can do it, they can succeed, they are enough, they can do better.

That is a real friendship.

After listening you can talk about yourself, what your plan is, what your goals are, what you want to achieve in your life. There is so much power in sharing with the right person these kind of things. We spread our dreams outside of ourselves and realize we can achieve them.

I think this is the time to see our friends.

To say hi. To meet for a coffee or a dinner. To catch up in person. To share the good memories, and the goals for the future. What we want to achieve and where we want to go next. To have peace with everyone, unity, and connection.

When we fill each other up. Love and light are going to win and take us into whatever is next. Friendship and in person connection are so valuable for opening us up to this.

Enjoy your weekend, and lots of love.

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