About Disappointment

We feel disappointment when we want something that we didn’t get. Whether it is from a relationship that we thought would happen, or would succeed, but hasn’t, or disappointed from ourselves – that we didn’t achieve something, or do something.

When disappointment comes, it comes from having expectations. Disappointment happens for us to learn a lesson, and learn something that we didn’t before.

Oftentimes when the same things keep happening, it keeps letting you down again and again. So what do we do?

First, we need to try to do our best. If we find that we get challenged, we have to ask what can we do differently, or now? To move through it.

Everything, even disappointment is here to teach us something. A lesson, and part of our Journey.

So try to do your best, and think differently. This is the key to getting to what we want. To shift from disappointment.

How do we avoid disappointment? By not having any expectations. To not know or to think that we know what is going to happen with any person or situation.

We want it badly but we are not there yet. So we just need to continue and to try not to expect much from ourselves, or from our friends, or from our relationships. They will happen their own way.

We have to look at ourselves and ask, what are we seeing, what are we thinking and what is the desire from ourselves that we so long for?

Focus on that, and not the lack of it. Disappointment is here to teach us a valuable lesson so try to make the best of it and change your thoughts.

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Challenging Thoughts that Keep Coming into Our Minds

Challenging thoughts that keep coming into our minds such as: why are things not happening like I want? Why does my life not look the way I want? Why does this keep happening to me? Why don’t I have that yet?

And so on… know that when questions like these come to us, we have to understand they are here to show us we have to overcome a challenge, a blockage within ourselves.

Basically, when these thoughts come to us, they are telling us we need to go through this challenge. They are areas of life where there is negativity, doubt, fear, lack.

We have to remember this because recognizing it is the first step.

When you overcome them, you let in. Just remember that when you are in the dark, or you don’t know what to do, you feel overwhelmed, you can always overcome that state by changing your thoughts, and by sharing.

You can find the light by sharing, giving love, giving attention to another person, a compliment, a friend.

You can tune into what you can do right now, and when we do that our worries, fears, and tough situations becomes smaller and less important, and soon go away.

Remember that what you do always comes back to you. So what you give you get back.
Give what you can to others, acknowledge their challenge, and then be sharing, be loving, be caring.

When you are in a place that doesn’t feel good, or feels hard, return to love and what you can give, and watch the magic happen.

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How to Keep Ourselves Fulfilled and Happy

It is very important to stay fulfilled and happy and to do things that bring us joy.

There are so many challenges throughout our days, weeks, and years that make us feel like fools and can bring us down, but when we do things that fulfill us and light us up it keeps us going.

There are two kinds of people when it comes to this. The first are people who know exactly what they like and they do just that, usually one main passion or hobby or career. For example, a tennis player, a baker, a doctor, an artist, a singer. It doesn’t have to be a profession but it can be, but some people just know exactly what they like and it helps them. Some people surf, travel, golf, etc.

The second kind are people that just don’t know what they like and can’t decide. They try different things and they don’t have one thing that really sticks. If this is the case, it is good to look back at what you enjoyed as a child. What really was just something you were drawn to then and came naturally. Or something that you always knew you liked and had a gut feeling about.

Sometimes other people can recognize this in us, or help us, like asking what we are good at, what comes naturally, what lights us up. If you are in this second category try to find out what makes you happy and what makes you fulfilled.

You need to try. Take a class, look on YouTube, look back at what you used to love as a child or always wanted to do as a child. Talk to your friends, get ideas, read about different things.

Do what relaxes you and what brings you joy and fulfills you. It is so important to have these passions in life, it is what keeps us going. Don’t be afraid to look for them, or spend more time focusing and bringing them into your life.

Let me know if you need any help or advice.

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When We Ask for Help – and the Ego

I want to write about asking for help and guidance and then the Ego and how the two are related.

First of all this is about you and yourself. Me and myself. Whatever you are going through, it is your journey and what happens to us is because of our thoughts, our behavior.

In those moments where we turn and ask for help and guidance, the ego usually comes up and contradicts it. The ego says no you’re not good, don’t ask, it won’t work, it second guesses with the mind.

Some people believe in religion, some believe in angels, some in a higher spiritual power, some souls, past lives, meditation, whatever you believe in – it doesn’t matter but ask it.

Anything where you need help in life, you have to hand over the ego and believe in something higher than you. Believe in guidance and signs. It will help you if you believe it will and don’t let the mind or the ego get in the way.

Another thing that is powerful, and I talk a lot about this in my book, is water, the healing power of water, and talking to the water. Believing it can help and heal you, and give you answers.

Another thing is your body, to heal it, you can talk to it, and heal it, tell your body that you can get through the pain or sickness or whatever is going on, and talk to it, hand it over to something higher than you, and talk to the area that hurts.

The Ego gets in the way of believing these things work, it tells you no way, or it is nonsense, or why? The truth is we need to try everything beyond us to have a good life.

If you are in a situation and you don’t know what to do – ask for guidance. As for something higher than you to help you and it will – beyond the ego, there is a higher force, and you can call on it anytime.

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Why People From the Past Come Back to Us

I want to talk about this topic – when people from the past come back to us. We haven’t seen or thought about these people for some time, and they show up back in our lives.

For example, a member of the family, a person we loved, someone you knew well but had a falling out with, etc. Maybe you were not in touch, or they moved away, or you moved away.

Anyways, when these people come back into our lives it is for a reason. They come back into our world, and we ask why?

We are fine, we have moved on, we feel it brings up the past, we question it. For example, it can be someone you are now divorced from and don’t have kids with, someone you loved deeply, or a girlfriend or boyfriend, a boss, coworker, relative.

We ask why? It takes us by surprise. People come to us to help us learn something about ourselves. To achieve something. Usually, it comes with a lesson. To learn to get to the next level, the next lesson in our personal lives.

When you start to question why someone is in your life, find compassion and patience, realize there is something here you need to learn, or they need to learn.

How can we be different now? I want you to understand that it is something unfinished. There is a reason they are back in your life. Whether to learn something, to process something, to understand.

Take it with love and appreciation. It is something you can learn from and move on from. Be with them with a more open mind, listen to them, try and love them even if they don’t fit your life now, try to understand what you can learn from them, why they showed up again. They are here to teach you something.

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Judgment & Criticism – Why They Are Not Good for Us

Judgements and criticism are not good for us. I want to remind you of the negativity both of these carry.

When judgement and criticism come at us, you need to ask yourself why? How did I attract this to me? This way you can recognize what is in yourself that is attracting this.

It is always us.

What I mean is, we are sending out judgement and criticism to others, even if we don’t realize it, and it has come back to us.

When you see someone in a dress that you don’t like, and you critique it… how you do it comes back at you. When we judge another person on what they wear, do or say…it comes back to us. On how they act… it comes back to us.

It is best not to judge and criticize. You can say this is my opinion, and this is how I see it, but you should not put that judgement and criticism onto another person.

We never know what another individual is going through… and when we put that onto them, in thoughts, and words, it comes back to us.

What we send out comes back.

Each one of us sees different things, thinks differently. We must have respect that each one of us is in a process in life.

We can go through things that are easy to judge, but instead of judging the person… try to just say okay, I respect that, this is my opinion, its not for me, but they can do it.

It is different energy that way. Just remember cause and effect, everything comes back to us like a ping-pong.

We need to be careful, the way we talk or think about others. Don’t put the other person down, don’t do that because it will come back to you and when it does you must ask yourself why did I attract this in?

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Memories – why we have them and what to do with them.

We have bad memories, and good memories. We remember certain things, the specifics, and the details of events, and then other things we don’t really remember. Someone reminds us, sometimes it comes back to us… sometimes we block it out… so why do we have them?

The memories that come to us from childhood, or from your past are important. They come to us to help us learn something about our lives. To tell us about our character, or about the lesson we are needing to learn… for example things we are scared of and things that are not complete in areas of life.

In the memories we can find a lot of things about us. They can help us continue our lives peacefully, and to understand. Memories are not there to make us angry or upset, but they are there to help us, to help us complete ourselves.

The good memories can tell us about ourselves as well. Focus on them, and let them give clarity. Clarity on what to be, on what brings us love and joy. The moments that make us our best self.

What brings you passion in a job, or a close relationship? Memories are connected to your soul. You can look at my book for this, Our Journey, I write about traits that come to you naturally since a child and it brings you ease.. the things that are easy that come from a higher place, your soul… your soul mates, to attract what can elevate you, people and opportunities that resonate with your soul… memories can help us remember ourselves.

The bad memories are important too… to actually face them and realize they are bringing up places and areas in life that need more healing, that are not complete, that are from the past and need some attention.

Use the good and the bad memories to help you, on your journey, and realize that we have them for a reason… to help us in this lifetime.

Let me know if you have more questions on this, and please check out my book, I write about this a lot, and how it can help you grow and understand why you are here.

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Past Lives – Recognition

This week I want to talk about past lives and soul recognition. I know many people don’t believe this exists, or happens, and that is okay.

In my book, I explain more into this, and also in a lot of religious texts there are mentions of past lives. What I can do is explain myself, and how this conclusion came to me.

A great example is a child. Sometimes at a young age, they naturally pick up music without learning it, or cooking, or art. These talents come so beyond effortlessly sometimes and that comes from somewhere else.

Each of us has lessons that we come here to learn, and things that we have been through before to be repeated and recognized in this lifetime.

Sometimes you say wow, I feel like I have been here before. Places and people that resonate so deeply with us that we feel like we know them, even in our first encounter.
Music as well, when we hear music that reminds us of another time. Art, places.

Sometimes we have a deeper connection with a person. A friend, a child, a grandparent. You feel connected. This is because the soul knows each other. You have been together before, so the love is deeper, the depth, the passion.

This belongs to you. This is something you did already. How do you know? When you just know? Because your soul knows, this is a past life.

It can also come through negative things… being afraid of water, being afraid of driving, these fears are signs into past lives too.

The truth is to just be aware of what life you may have lived before, what seems to just be a knowing inside of you. When it comes to work, people, love, places, fears, joy, all of this is connected and you have known it before.

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Taking the Time to Plan and Visualize

This week I want to talk about the importance of taking the time to plan things that we want in our lives.

There is time in life where we just need to sit and visualize what we want. We need to take care of ourselves and we need to think about what is happening in our lives, to process it and cleanse it.

Things that we want to change, to achieve or to understand, come to us when we take the time to sit with ourselves. Sometimes when we don’t have any answers that come to ourselves, we can ask a friend, a colleague, even a person we don’t know, we can ask them what they think – this can sometimes be a message and a way to help us think about something that can apply to our life. We don’t have to take the advice, but we can use it as a place to self reflect and think about ourselves.

I always repeat this, but the truth is everything comes from you and your thoughts. This is the start of everything. So when we take the time to sit with ourselves and reflect on our thoughts, and visualize, how to move forward, or achieve things, the answers come.

The key is you have to sit with yourself and take that time. Sit with yourself, and plan in your mind first. Sometimes it is good to write it down, and think it through. You can take as much time as you need for this.

Remember that there is time, in little moments throughout the day. Start to see it, and process it and be still enough to get clear on these things and the power of your thoughts.

Taking time to pan is so essential. It is really important to find a place that you love and that you can relax in. For example your balcony, or your apartment, or sitting by water, in nature, on a walk in a park.

Find a place that feels grounding and calming to you and allows you to just let go and process/visualize what you want in your life. This is where it all begins, with planning from a place in your mind!

Best, and lots of Love.

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Taking Ownership of What Happens to Us

It is about time we stop blaming others for a situation happening in our life, and take responsibly for it.

Usually when something happens to us, we blame someone else. For example, it is our bosses fault, or what is in the news, or another person did something, etc. But the truth is what comes in our lives is our own doing. We all need to take responsibility and ask ourselves why?

What is the lesson we can learn? Whatever is happening is OKAY. You need to take care of just yourself and not worry about others.

It is between you and your mind. It is first in your mind. You must take ownership of it, and get your mindset right before you look at the outside factors.

When you start to look at life circumstances like this individually in our minds and own circumstances, it will change the planet.

The outside looks scary, uncertain, out of our hands, yes… but whatever is outside… let that go, and come back to you and your mind.

Why did this information come to me and my life? Why did this person come to my life Why did this situation come to my life?

Ask yourself why are you in this situation? Finally ask yourself what can I do about it? How can you think about it differently? What have you learned from it? How can you avoid it in the future?

Take care of yourself, and watch the outside world change for the better. When we do this, we understand our own journey. We know how to heal it, how to behave, how to process it.

It helps a lot to write it down in 3 steps. Here they are below, return to these questions when you start to second guess:
     1. What has happened to me?
     2. What can I learn from it? How can I do better?
     3. How can I avoid it going forward?

What is happening in my life is about me and my mind. Why things have happened or are happening in your life starts there.

Best always,
Rachel Ben-or

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