It’s always good to remind ourselves to focus.

We know that everything comes to us through our minds. We create our own reality. We get what we focus on, whether we want it or not.

We all have challenges in life that come to us at times that challenge us to be better, to learn. However, how we get through them and what we attract, is in our hands. It is in our hands to either go up with our feelings and thoughts or go down with our feelings and thoughts.

Up towards happiness, joy, ease, flow… or down towards sadness, depression, worry, being scared, feeling low. We can choose the upside in any situation if we focus. Allow ourselves to reset and choose to feel differently, to focus on a better feeling.

We need to focus on what we want. We need to see it. We need to be sure and see it clearly and feel sure that this is what we want and we need. Look at pictures that you like, listen to books, read magazines and cut out the pictures, try to imagine it and do it, imagine yourself with the things you do want.

For example, a good relationship in front of you. A high-paying job in front of you. Your own successful business in front of you. Imagine being in a better place and focus on it. Imagine you have it. Focus on the details of exactly how you want it. Our subconscious mind listens and does exactly what we focus on. We do what we feel.

When we focus and think about one thing that we want to do, we get closer to it. Imagining and feeling into it with focus is the first step.

This is how successful people get to where they are and keep maintaining that success.

Focus on the good things that you want in your life. You can have, do, or be anything that you desire if you focus on it.

Good luck to all of us.

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I want to talk about loneliness and how we can change this feeling to feel fulfillment that we are not alone. Each one of us gets this feeling of loneliness sometimes. That low feeling that we are alone, nobody is with us, we feel we want to talk to someone but nobody is there. When we feel sad or completely on our own.

It may trigger a negative thought or memory we remember from childhood triggers that made us feel alone, like a group of other kids not wanting to be with us.

We can be married and feel that we are alone. We can be with people and feel that we are alone.

When we feel lonely the trick is to change the way we think. When your child leaves the house and isn’t living with you anymore, we need to think that “they are with me but not near me.”

Or our parents when we don’t live with them anymore but they are with us, and the same thing with children, we care about them and think about them and are with them even when not physically.

We want to get to this point where we are fulfilled and feel that we are not alone when we are. Fill your life with things you like. Fill the space that feels empty, read, go out for walks, write, do something creative. Find a way to give to others, and there are plenty of ways to fill that void with things we love and we don’t feel alone.

People come and go in our lives, and we just need to learn about them, and learn about ourselves. Surround ourselves with people that elevate us, support us, and realize that it is okay to let people go. The past is to learn from but not let it define us. We are not alone. Loneliness is only in our heads.

There are many things in nature and on this planet that can make you feel connected and not alone.

A beautiful beach, the forests,  animals, finding a pet or nature to take in.

There are many things that can make us feel not alone, and to know that loneliness hits all of us at some point,  it is okay and we just have to know what to do when we feel that way.

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Behavior Towards Others

The way we behave to others sometimes isn’t ideal and can make us think that we often don’t think about how important it is to behave in the right way.

Sometimes we behave towards others negatively whether it’s our parents, our children, friends, coworkers, a stranger, bus drivers, etc. No matter who it is, we say something we don’t think about saying or think about if it is the right words that we say. We take it out on them, without putting attention if it is the right way to say it, or if it is right or wrong.

Sometimes we forget the cause and effect of the actions of our words. How much they can impact the other person. We forget about karma and what we put out we get back. The way that we think about others, the way we say it, all the things come back to us and we need to be careful with this.

Think twice before saying something to another person. Especially after reacting. The way we say it matters.

Sometimes we need to say a comment back to react, but we need to say and ask ourselves if we really need to say it, and just think through when something triggers us and we want to say something to another person.
Sometimes we are wrong with what we do say, and it is good to remember that other people can be the same way. So we don’t need to feel down when other people say something about us that doesn’t make us feel good.

Remember the cause and effect and whatever you say comes back to you. Also, remember the way to a happy life is to give out good things, positive ways to make others feel good about themselves, compliments, kind words, and to see the positive aspects in one another.

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Lately, we see in the media that people are starting to say things, to talk about topics, about all kinds of topics that trigger other people to become upset thinking how can people say something like that.

It doesn’t matter where, if it is at work, at home, or in the media. Wherever it is, if it happens to you, you need to listen.

The truth is, we pick and choose to just want to listen to what we want and with that take out anger, judgment, conclusions, and all kinds of thoughts.

Often, we don’t listen. We don’t listen to what is behind these words.

If we listen to the why? Listen to what the other person is saying, what is their point? Then we started to see another movie.

If we listen to something negative about us. Something that is not conformable for us, we need to understand that there is something there that we need to change in ourselves and our thinking and see the bigger picture, see the person telling us, what are they going through?

Why are they saying these things?

It is not that you are in agreement with what they say, but it is more about learning from it. Ask yourself what can I learn from this?

This is how we can make the planet better…

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Thoughts – Changing the Planet

Thoughts. We create our own reality with our thoughts. I have talked about this topic many times, how thoughts are the key to how we create our material lives, how we need to control our thoughts, and how we
get more of what we think about.

This time on thoughts, I want to talk about something bigger, that we need to remember that this entire
planet is created from all of our individual thoughts.

If we create our own reality with thoughts, then each one of us needs to really think about this, and on what our thoughts are collectively. To notice negative thoughts, about each other, about wishes for other people that are not so good. We think sometimes we have enemies, but we don’t have enemies, it is among our thoughts.

We have our thoughts and that is it.

We don’t need to wait for someone else to help us, or to do something big for us, what we need to do is to look inside our thoughts and reach for our own potential.

Find things we enjoy, and do that, focus on what we can do for each other. Think of things we love, and want to see more of. Focus on the positive thoughts and qualities of the people around us.

If someone talks about another person in a negative way, will send them love and that’s it. It is our
responsibly to manage our own thoughts.

Each one of us starts with ourselves. With our thoughts, our beliefs, changing for the better, for good, for love, then we will see this planet start to change. This time, these past few years has been a wakeup for us to change. This planet cannot support all this negativity anymore. The only way forward is for each of us individually to take responsibility for our own thoughts, what we believe, the way we speak, how kind and loving we each can be.

This is how on a bigger scale, we will have a kind and lovely planet.

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Letting go of Material things

I want to talk about letting go of material things.

Sometimes it happens that we hold something close and give it meaning and then we lose it and we are very sad.

For this blog, I am referring to material things that we have, such as toys, jewelry, clothes, pictures, etc.

For example, my granddaughter recently lost the teddy bear that she got when she was born. She is 9 years old now and has been crying about how sad she is that she lost it this past weekend in Orlando. This made me think of this topic, as we really need to teach our children and ourselves that material things are just things.

We need to change the way we think, maybe there’s a reason it happened and maybe someone else needed it, or maybe this can be an opening for new things to come.

Things are with us for a time, to love and hold close, and then when they leave us in whatever way it is good to remember that it is okay. Think about what is in your closet that you don’t even use… maybe shoes, suits, old handbags, maybe someone else can use these things if we can let go of them, and space can be created in our life for new.

Material things that we haven’t used in a year or more, maybe we can give them away and give a donation so that other people can use them. If there are some trinkets that we lose that we really held onto and we lose it, it’s okay, things are just things and as much as we love the material thing, we have to remember that things come to our lives for periods of time for our using and loving, and although they feel important they are really not everything – we are.

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Maintaining Joy and Happiness

How do we keep ourselves feeling fulfilled, happy, and joyful?

This is a very important question, as there are a lot of challenges that come to us and many things that can get us down. But there is a way to maintain feeling good.

To feel full, satisfied, at ease, light, joy, love, and happiness is something we create by doing what we love.

Activities and a mindset to know that we are okay – no matter what is going on. To do things, and focus on what you love.

There are two kinds of people. First, there are people that already know what they love and like, for example, some people love tennis, baking, gardening, or cooking. When they do these hobbies they feel happy. It might be getting in nature, traveling, or baking. These people know what they like and they do that, and it helps them.. maybe it is surfing, boating, or yoga.

Then there are people that don’t know what can fulfill them. With these kinds of people it is necessary to remember what they like and used to like, as a child, hobbies that we couldn’t pursue, or never did. Try them on now, and see what lifts you up.. or try and ask your family/friends what they see you doing, and maybe recognize something in which we didn’t do yet.

Try things, look on YouTube, take a class, try to do different things and find out what makes you happy, what makes you fulfilled.

Having hobbies and living true to yourself is the path to maintaining joy and happiness, no matter what is happening you are holding onto something that fulfills you, and its important to always check in with that, especially if you feel a bit down or lost tap back in, and maintain feeling good.

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Now it’s a good time to look within ourselves and find introspection.

Sometimes we need to stop and think and look within ourselves. To think about what we want to do, what we have done, what we want to achieve, and what we have already achieved. To take time and recognize, and realize what we want to change, how we can change, and who can help us.

Truly going within yourself … ask the questions. Especially if something happens to you that you don’t understand. Look within and ask what you need to do, what you can learn, and what you have been going through?

Ask yourself, where am I lazy? Where do I have doubt? Sit with yourself without judgment or beating yourself up over whatever comes. You can sit and write it down, or just take a couple minutes a day to let yourself process. Without judging anyone, and especially not judging yourself.

Just look at your life, and ask yourself honestly how can I improve, how can I feel more relaxed and happy with my life? How can I feel fullness, a satisfied feeling within myself?

Know that you are achieving things and you are taking your time. You take it step by step to get to this feeling of satisfaction.

Sitting with yourself and looking inward is a step to that process. Just thinking about how we want our life to be better. How to feel more relaxed, happy, to feel like you are achieving something. Feeling full, at ease. To sit with yourself and find some introspection is step one.

Again, this is the best time to do it and let in new, a fullness, blooming, open sky kind of feeling.

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Our Thoughts

A reminder about controlling our thoughts.

When situations come to us that are difficult, we get unfortunate news, or a dilemma comes into our reality – the key thing to do is to notice our thoughts.

Usually, we start to create a movie with our thoughts. We start to worry, we start to be sad, etc. The minute that we have this situation – when the thoughts pour in and the fear movie is created – notice it, and change it to the good.

For example, right now most of us have experiences with Covid. Most of the people played into the fear mentality. Being scared, fear of death, fear of sickness. The news plays into this too. Change the movie for you, notice the good. Not ignoring what is going on but focusing on the good that exists for you too. You can’t change what happened or happens, but you can change your thoughts which will change your reality. What can I do about it?

What can I do to protect my health and wellness? This is just an example of covid because it happened not too long ago, but it can be with anything.

When challenges come at us, sometimes they can push us to do things that we really wanted to do, changing things in our life that we postponed. Focus on the good.

Where is your mind and what direction is it going in? This is what comes to you, and what the new future creates. So the key is to notice your thoughts and to constantly remind yourself to change them for the good.

Stop the bad movie and try to find something else, the better story to focus on. Focus on the good thoughts, and that is the beginning of manifesting something good. It is better to create good things.

Ask yourself why has it happened to me? How can I change it for the better? Create a good movie/picture/mindset – it holds so much power for everything in your life.

Your mind and your thoughts are what create the future, on what is going to happen to you, controlling your thoughts can bring good into your life, those thoughts are the first step to creating.

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Defining What it Means to be in the NOW

When I say be in the Now, I want to remind you why and where that expression comes from.

The truth is, the past and the future do not exist, everything else beyond right now is an illusion. What is outside of us right now in the physical exists, nothing else really does, it is just a memory from the past, from a recognition, a vision, a thought, the past, even just the past from yesterday.

So whenever our mind wanders outside of the now, we need to decide what to do with the memories that come up, and also the fearful thoughts that come up.

If you have good memories, it is always good to hold onto them. Bad memories, on the other hand… we need to understand why they come into our lives and realize the challenges that come to our lives are for us to learn from them, and let them go.

The challenging memories or fearing what is next do not help us, remember none of this exists in the now. None of this serves you now.

I just want you to understand this, for when I say live in the NOW, if now is good, then tomorrow is going to be good.

All the worrying about the past or the future creates a different reality that may not be good. When these memories or fearful thoughts come up, it is best to look around you for positive good things, and focus on the NOW, right here in this moment, it is all we have, the rest is an illusion and a way for you to learn and let go.

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