Blockages in Our Lives

How and why do blockages come into our lives? Where do they come from and why?

People often don’t understand why they have a blockage and why they can’t move on. Why do they keep getting stuck on the same thing and not moving forward?

It can be frustrating to feel stuck. Most blocks come from the Ego. They come from anger, or jealousy, or fear.

It is from not accepting something about your current life, not accepting a commitment, a mistake, a loss, or where you are.

Blockages come from any negative experience, or thought that we put ourselves into.
People need to see how much damage it costs when we don’t have control of our thoughts, our conscious.

When we talk badly about other people, when we laugh about other people or compare ourselves to them, or when we put out these negative energies into the world, it comes back to us.

We create our own blockages.

The blocks in our life don’t come from no where, it isn’t random. It comes from our thoughts, our emotions, how often we live in a state of judgement, fear, loss, ego, jealousy, pain, worry, regret.

This is how blockages are created in our lives . Those blockages are like a U-turn. When you want to move forward, to get to your goals, go forward, shine, succeed, or love, or joy, the blockages are like a U-turn around, you don’t move forward you go back and relive what you just did, or the state you were in.

The blockages come from the way you think, and what you put out to others, it comes from us, and we get stuck.

We need to be careful about where our consciousness is, and where our thoughts are.

Just remember whatever you put out comes back, and that is how you can begin to unblock what is going on in your life too.

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About Anger

Some people experience more anger, and some people less.

You must be asking “Where does it come from and what can we do when it does come up?”

Anger comes from fear. Anger comes from the unknown. Anger can come from a belief that you believe in and another person doesn’t. It can come from other people pushing your buttons in some way. Anger can come from so many things.

I know that nobody wants to live with anger. Nobody wants to exist in the dark, and not be in the light.
Of course, we don’t want the anger to be there, but it comes.

We must look into why and where it comes from and understand it, This is how we grow from it, and control it.

Anger is usually between two or more people. Between family, between a spouse, between a coworker.

The main thing to do in this situation is to really listen to what the other person has to say. First, listen. Then, after a day or two, you can clearly and concisely talk about how you didn’t like it, or that it wasn’t kind. We must talk like human beings, respect that we can believe differently, and that usually when we listen we find compassion for each other even when we disagree.

Anger can also come from things such as reading the news, or just being frustrated with circumstances outside of you.

Everyone sees things differently. We all have our own universe and different thinking/understanding in our heads.

That is okay.

Each one of us is at different levels. Which is totally okay. We are all on our own time and pace to learn in this lifetime.

How do you relax anger?

By counteracting with what brings you joy, or brings you to a place of feeling good. It is different for everyone. Some people love to play tennis, dance, hike, surf, read, do artwork, etc.

Another thing to do is to listen to relaxing music on Youtube or meditations, affirmations, something that allows you to be quiet with yourself and tune into yourself. Doing this you can picture cleaning yourself, or taking anger out of your system.

Anger is easily able to disappear when we take time to restore ourselves and move through it.

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Feeling Loneliness 

There are people who feel they are alone in the world.

So how can we change this feeling so that we feel fulfilled and that we are not alone? 

Each one of us gets this feeling of loneliness sometimes. That low feeling that we are alone, that nobody is with us, that we feel like we want to talk to someone but nobody is there. When we feel sad or completely on our own.

It may trigger a negative thought or memory we remember from childhood that made us feel alone, like a group of other kids who didn’t want to be with us.

We can be married and feel that we are alone. We can be with people and feel that we are alone.

When we feel lonely the trick is to change the way we think. When your child leaves the house and isn’t living with you anymore, you need to think that “they are with me but not near me”.

Or when we don’t live with our parents anymore but they are with us. And the same thing with our children, we care about them and think about them and are with them even when not physically.

We want to get to this point where we are fulfilled and feel that we are not alone when we are. Fill your life with things you like. Fill the space that feels empty, read, go out for walks, write, do something creative. 

It’s important to give and share. There are plenty of ways to fill that void with things we love so that we don’t feel alone.

People come and go in our lives, and we just need to learn about them and ourselves. Surround ourselves with people that elevate us, support us, and realize that it is okay to let people go. The past is to learn from but not let it define us. We are not alone. Loneliness is only in our heads.

There are many things in nature and on this planet that can make you feel connected and not alone.

A beautiful beach, the forests, animals, finding a pet or nature to take in.

There are many things that can make us feel not alone, and to know that loneliness hits all of us at some point, it is okay and we just have to know what to do when we feel that way.

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Time to Clear the Past

What we need to do right now – is clear the past.

The time we are in right now is a changing period in time. We are moving through a period, and there is a lot of difference going on. For people who believe in different things, the truth is that now more than ever we need to live in the present more than in the past.

The main thing is that we really need to live in the present and understand that the past is really just a memory in our minds.

The past is there for us to learn about ourselves and what can we learn from it to elevate ourselves? Each one of us has doubts about some topic, whether it be a sickness, a family drama, a relationship, financial problems, etc. 

The truth is we really need to forget about the past and the challenges that we have had, and we need to go on to the next dimension.

All the bad memories in our minds, we need to sit down with ourselves and look at the memories and analyze them, see why they came into our life, and how did teach us something? 

How can we let it go? 

All challenges come to our life to teach us something, to learn. The challenge is to let go of them, we have to face them.

For all the things in which we blame other people for how they treated us etc. This is the time for us to do it, to let go because that is the only way for us to evolve.

Each one of us has our own journey to get there, we cannot blame everyone or agree with anyone, we need to clear ourselves to be in the right place right now in this moment. To upgrade our environment right now with people who love and support us and plan for the future.

Let the past go, let the sad or angry memories go, let the stress go, the fear, the blame of other people in which they hurt us, let all of this go. This is all our mirror to change and to be better and ultimately to get over it. This is the time now to get over it, to do it, and to know that each one of us has our own journeys and our minds, to get there. We cannot blame, judge, or agree with everyone, the truth is we just need to clear ourselves to be in a good place and a good environment to live and love in the now.

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The Universe and Our Planet Is Calling for Us to Go Inside

Right now in this time, there is a lot of division going on.

There is confusion, a division between people and countries, and tension in many countries. This can be challenging and but it’s happening. Each one of us can believe something different and we have different experiences, but we must remember that we are all on our own journeys.

This is about individuals needing to control the inside vs. the outside controlling the individuals. Things like war, sickness, and fear, and divisions will always happen. They have been for many years past.

The truth is we need to live in the moment, live in the now, and start to do the inner work. 

To do the inner work inside, to sit with ourselves and face our fears, clean the past, and clear any blocks inside. Be more knowledgeable about yourself.

Start to learn about yourself, to question yourself. To see how you can balance this area of inner peace inside you.

If each one of us can do this, and come back to our own inner self, the anger and the fear from the outside world will subside. Every time that I can I will remind you that you need to clear yourself and be clean. Clean your body of the past, clean your body by taking care of yourself, eating clean, exercising, being in nature/the sun.

Take care of yourself and lean into your inner being, your body, and your soul. Try to put the right things into your body. Being with the right people who elevate you and help you. Try to see where is your mind, can you bring it back to focusing on the good?

All of these things bring you in balance, and that way when the outside comes it doesn’t scare you, it doesn’t control you or affect you.

You already are going to know what to do and how to be, because your body and your mind are clean. They are clear and okay.

Focus on yourself now.

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The Power of Words

I want to talk about the way we speak and remind ourselves that what we speak about comes back to us. It comes back to our subconscious mind.

When we believe in something, when we repeat it again and again, it happens to us.

The subconscious mind doesn’t know about what you want or what you don’t want, it only knows about patterns of thought and words. What we think and say comes to us, and creates our reality.

We have to be careful about the way we speak to others and to ourselves.

Sometimes it is better to be quiet and not answer everything. Also, for other people, to comment on them or say things about them in a judgmental way, really just puts it back to us.

When we complain and speak negatively it brings that into our reality.

So it is better instead to just say nothing sometimes if it is something that we don’t want to bring to us and our life.

Notice how you speak and notice if your words come to judgment. Speak it and then the same situation in your journey will come to your life.

Be careful with what you put into your mind with your words. Thoughts and words are very powerful and can create the things we want in our life, but they can also create things that we do not want in our life.

This is a reminder to just take note. Notice what is in your life that you are not happy with and think “am I speaking of it often?” “Am I telling others about it?” “Am I complaining? Judging?”

Stop saying it and watch the power in it. It all starts from within you.

I talk a lot about this in my book “Our Journey.”

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The New Year

First of all, I want to wish everyone a happy New Year. I wish everyone to be happy in 2023, to feel fulfilled, to achieve all the things they want in life, and to realize they can happen.

Remember the universe is going a different way, the past is changing, and we need to attach only good things to us all the time in this day and age. To attract and attach good thinking, and good habits, to do good for others, and to care about others.

It is important, not to hold the anger or sadness from the past. To let go of the past. To try and live the moment to see what you want to achieve and just do it. Today you can ask for anything that you want, and you have tools to help you fill up on that idea.

You have the Internet as a tool. YouTube videos – fill yourself up with good things, nature, reading, writing, and visions.

Just do it, any dream that you have you can achieve it. Remember, if your dream is to share with others, to give back in some way, to help someone, it will always be received as a blessing.

Try to be the best version of yourself. To hold love, and realize that love surrounds you. It is good to be open to new things, and to trust that the universe gives to us.

We have a lot of places where we can hear about different things. Many channels. This good that we have in this universe exists. Be yourself, be good, connect to yourself.

Try not to hold onto the stuff from the past let that go. Don’t wait for others to do something if you feel called, just start to do it.

I wish you all the best, and happy New Year!

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Listening – To Deal With Anger From Another

Sometimes someone can come and take out all their anger on you. It happens, and it can upset us but the truth is we just have to realize it is not us, or ours to carry, the best way to react is simply by listening.

Listening means we don’t need to answer back, we just let people get their anger out, and we don’t need to take it personally, to remember it is about them, and not our own.

We don’t need to think it or about why this is happening to us, or why we created it. You can go and think about why it has happened later, you can realize it is not yours.

Listen from their pain, listen from where it has come.

Listen from his or her lack of love and other things. Try to listen for what may have triggered it. Try to be yourself and listen without responding and then understand from where it has come.

You are the channel in which you can help another but from a different way than reacting, you can help by listening. To see what this person needs by listening to their words, and let that person’s voice come out about his pain.

You always need to see how you can help but not necessarily from our point of view and what we think, but just by listening to where they are coming from and their point of view.

Let their anger die down before you try to solve it, and know that sometimes you just have to listen. At the moment it is not yours it is theirs and you are just the channel to try and understand it and by doing that, understand them.

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Letting Go

I know I’ve talked about letting go before. This is a recap on its importance.

What is letting go? How do we attract things in our life?

The answer is in letting go.

In all areas in our life, when we want something, we do something about it. Then when we do that thing, we need to forget about it, and let go.

The hardest part is in letting go, you prepare as much as you can, you do what you can do, and then you let it go.

Where we get stuck is instead of letting go, we second guess or wonder if it could have gone another way.

The truth is – it’s done, you put it out there, did your best, and let go.

For example, if you are going to court for something, you have to do what you can, prepare all documents, and show up as gracefully as you can. In the meantime, let go. The worry and the analyzing will not help you.

Relationships are the same. If you want to start a relationship or have a business connection you want to
make, you show up, you send an email, and you let go.

You meet someone. You connect. You send a text or reach out, and then you let it go.

Anything that you do, you just prepare yourself for, and then when you do that, you let it go.

When you let go, you don’t think about it anymore. You do your share, and you don’t let your thoughts play out, the movie in your head can take over, by actively letting go, this is where the power is.

You do whatever you need to do, and then you let go. You don’t think about it anymore, you don’t talk about it anymore, you don’t dwell on it anymore. You did what you can do and you put it out there, and then you let go.

The answer is in letting go.

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Fear – The Unknown

I specifically want to talk about fear and not knowing the future. The unknown. We don’t know how things are going to be or what is going to happen.

Sometimes this unknown fear gets us stuck and leaves us in the same place in which we don’t know the way forward to something better, something different because we are scared.

We want to start a relationship or a business or create but we feel stuck and we don’t know how to start.

We need to start step by step. To visualize it. To write down what we want, and how we might be able to get there. What questions do we need to ask in the how?

Who can I get advice from?

It is better to get advice and to do it, and to go forward, to flow than to sit fearing the future. Keep your mind and your consciousness always positive. Don’t think about failing or the negatives. Let the light come in. Try to just flow, and let the good energy come in and let good things come to you. The answers will come in this state.

Sometimes we feel confused and our head is empty. We have goals and we have specific things that we want to do, we don’t have the details on the how. So just try to do it. In some way, move one step at a time. Go with it, and slow and steadily do the things you want. By doing it, that is where we get out of the fear.

Remember, no matter the outcome, by doing things you want that you feel in your soul, is always for good.

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