This week I want to talk about friendship.

Friendship with co – workers, with people you went to school with, with people in your community.

The people that we are not with all the time but we really like them, and we know their life, they know our life. You know this past year and a half we didn’t see them very much. Maybe we
talked with them on the phone, maybe not. Some people moved, some people are working from home, people were afraid to see each other. There were so many factors that kept us apart.

Real relationships are when you meet someone and they are in front of you. You learn to listen. What does it mean to listen? You look at them and you listen to what they say, and you don’t stop them to answer when something comes to your mind. You fell into them. You give them love, empathy, attention, compliments, elevate them. To change their thoughts and the way they are thinking by telling them they can do it, they can succeed, they are enough, they can do better.

That is a real friendship.

After listening you can talk about yourself, what your plan is, what your goals are, what you want to achieve in your life. There is so much power in sharing with the right person these kind of things. We spread our dreams outside of ourselves and realize we can achieve them.

I think this is the time to see our friends.

To say hi. To meet for a coffee or a dinner. To catch up in person. To share the good memories, and the goals for the future. What we want to achieve and where we want to go next. To have peace with everyone, unity, and connection.

When we fill each other up. Love and light are going to win and take us into whatever is next. Friendship and in person connection are so valuable for opening us up to this.

Enjoy your weekend, and lots of love.

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