I want to talk about appreciation.

We talk about this a lot – to appreciate what you have, appreciate the people around you, appreciate the money you have, the job you have, the health you have, your family.

Gratitude and appreciation for what is going well in your life.

To appreciate peace, to appreciate what is around us. What we have, the experiences, the material things, the food, the homes, the comforts.

The thing is to also appreciate the challenges we face. Those challenges put you in a place in which you want to change, that you want to be different, this is how you grow, through these challenges we get there. We must appreciate them too.

In the same moment we can feel upset, nervous, angry, frustrated, sad, lost. It is okay. Later on we figure out what we can learn from it, and how we can do it differently. By appreciation and that knowledge that this is teaching you something you can shift the energy and change the challenge into something to learn from.

The more that you appreciate, the more comes to your life.

A simple way to do this is to start to list the positive things that you appreciate. When you feel off, start to focus on the good and more will come your way.

This is such a simple thing, but something that holds so much power.

Let me know if you need any help. I also talk a lot about this in my book “Our Journey” – available on Amazon.

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