Asking Questions

Asking other people’s opinion, or asking for any information or directions, or whether it is asking ourselves and looking within. Asking questions is a really good and important part of our journey.

Things happen to us, no matter good or bad and we often don’t know what direction to take, what to do, how to behave, why we feel the way we feel… we don’t know.

We can get answers by asking ourselves, thoughts and ideas come through us. Whether we get an idea, or an understanding of this is why this is happening.

Another way is to go to sleep asking the question. If you fall asleep with the intention for something to come to you it might come through you.

With other people. You don’t have to agree with them or go in the direction they advise but the process of asking them and talking about it will help the answers come to you, for you.

Asking questions is like going forward. It is expanding. You can ask on the Internet, on YouTube, you can ask other people and then biggest of all you can ask yourself.

The biggest thing is to feel that the answer or what comes is relevant to you. To learn something, to understand why something comes to your life. Asking the why Question is very important to our lives and our growth and expansion for our experience.

In my book Our Journey I have a chapter called the WHY – focused on asking the questions.

Why are you here? What is your purpose in this lifetime and why is life so full of challenges? Our Journey is a discovery of the answers to these questions.. it helps to ask them, it is how you begin to understand.

Ask the questions, to others, to yourself.

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