Healing – Using the Spiritual Body to Heal the Physical

How can you explain how some people who are sick and hurt and their situation gets worse… and they even die… and other people who are in the same situation are able to heal themselves?

First of all, whatever my answer, 99% of the time it depends on us and a small 1% sometimes it just not in our hands.

Let’s say somebody gets sick, or hurt, we have two people. One person goes to the doctor and then to another doctor and he does everything but then he ends up passing away. Then you have another person who does the same thing, and he heals himself.

Basically it depends on our mind. The first person just focused on the physical things. He didn’t ask why it has happened to me, on an internal level, he did everything right, but there is a realization that has to happen to understand why things happen to you to teach you something and help you.

It always goes through the body and then soul. We have to heal our souls. Of course there are always cases, and I am not 100% certain, there is always that small percent chance, but mostly we CAN help ourselves. By changing our conscious and the way we are thinking, by healing our minds, and souls.

Using the spiritual body to heal the physical. Understanding how we can let go of the sickness, and heal our behaviors to overcome the challenge.

If something happens – you do everything, but in the meantime you do the inner healing work, to understand why it happened and how I can use this to change my character to heal myself.

Whatever happens to this person, or to you is to wake up the person and help them heal. Help them on our souls journey. To take care of ourselves, but to also take care of our souls and our internal thoughts, that is the difference between healing.

Know that it is always up to you.

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