Choosing Health

Health is in our hands. It is a decision and something we have to take responsibility for. We need to remember that everything can affect our health.

First, when we feel angry or frustrated our health is impacted. We get stressed, we worry, and at times we feel angry/frustrated at life. This is what causes our body to be ill, and our health to be impacted. So the first step is that we must make an effort to take that energy away and focus on things that feel good. We should take responsibility for feeling good and choosing health, so much of it is a choice.

We need to be aware that it is our choice, and it’s up to us to know that we get more of what we think about and surround ourselves with. Turn off the news, or frustrating topics and focus elsewhere.

The second thing is to move our body. We need to exercise. All kinds of exercise. Walking, running, playing tennis, riding a bike, yoga, Thai Chi, swimming, whatever feels good for you. Even just for 20 min a day. Try something new, or do what works, but just make an effort to move every day.

The third aspect is what we eat. It is good to know what is behind the fruits and veggies that we eat and how they can help with our body. There is so much information now on the internet that you can easily look up what is good for you. If you have trouble with a certain area of the body or even an area that feels off, use the internet and google herbs and foods that help heal that. Try it for you, and see what works for your own body. It is in your hands to know your body and constantly better it with what you put into it.

Take care of your health. Go and get a check-up. Take care of your body like a temple that is in your hands and know you are able to heal it, with exercise, good food, and good thoughts. It is your responsibility. If you do choose to take medication be sure to know what the side effects are. Reading and asking about it will help you make an informed choice. The stress and worry and anger cause the illness.

This blog post is just a reminder to check in on things that can make us healthy and lean toward them.

Take care of your health and take responsibility for it. Find relaxing meditations on YouTube. Surround yourself.

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