Relationships with Children

Relationships with children are there for us to learn from.

Children are not our property or something we own. They are also not just like us, but they are teachers.

We come into this world to learn from each other.

Children are no different and have come into the world for their individual lessons. Every child is different, even if they were born to the same parents.

These differences are there for us to learn from each other, as they serve both the parent and the child. Our job as parents is to support them, show them the way, help them in their journey, encourage them, love them, and give them everything we didn’t get from our parents.

If we do develop anger toward them, we need to express it in the right way—by explaining instead of yelling. Sitting in anger is missing the point. They make you feel this way for a reason; so that you can learn from it.

If a child does something extreme, such as breaking something on purpose or hitting someone, then of course there must be discipline. You need to show them the correct way, but inside you should not harbor anger, because again the incident is there for you to learn from.

Once you understand that everyone is here to serve you on your journey to your complete self, it means that love is inevitable.

Once you have this understanding, love is all that remains. This blog post content is from my book “Our Journey”.

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