Cause and Effect – Attracting in

I want to talk about the topic of Cause and Effect and how we attract into our lives whatever we think about.

I have talked about this topic before, but it is so important that I felt it needed to be reminded.

Whatever we do, whether it is a good thing or a bad thing, positive or negative, it comes to us. So it is better to think before we are doing anything bad, or negative, and to ask ourselves do we want this to happen to us?

For example, if we judge other people, judgment will come. To us, we don’t know the form it will come from, but it will come back to our own selves.

Everyone has their own process. To learn their own lessons. When we see something and want to judge it, it is best to acknowledge the hardship and that we might not know what that person is going through, but not judge them, you can explain yourself, but not judge.

Whatever we miss, whenever we have space, whatever we lack about something… we also attract that. Whether we attract in a person, a situation, or a negative space. We attract that into our lives, to learn our lesson, to learn how to move through it. We attract this in to get over the situation, to recognize it, to rebuild ourselves.

It is really important not to judge yourself as well. When something comes into your life it is best to accept it, learn from it, and remember when it comes into your life it is there to teach you something.

What can you do with it? What can I learn from it? How can I move on from it?

Remember that cause and effect exist, and also the law of attraction. Whatever we do, this is what we get.

Thoughts, actions, patterns. You can read more about this in my book, Our Journey, and also in some of my other blog posts.

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