When We Blame Ourselves

When we feel that we made a mistake, or have those moments when we feel angry about something, or feel the self-blaming thoughts such as “I did something wrong.” Or when you think back to something that really upset you, makes you feel empty, gives you that sinking feeling in your gut… like you did the wrong thing…

There will be many moments in life where you beat yourself up and feel really bummed about a situation. Maybe we did do the wrong thing, you feel stupid, or naïve, or sad… you think how could I have ever done this? How did I mess it up?

I just want to remind you that all of these challenges that come to you in your journey, are teachers. There is something where you have a space, a missing understanding in that topic and need to learn or a gap that you need to understand. If you focus on that and think to yourself how can I learn from it, it will help to move through that challenge.

Write down what happened, admit what happened, write down the situation and then write down as well what you learned from it. If you do this and process it, when it happens again you will have grown. You will have learned how to behave. We can have aggravation and regrets, but now we know it is something that we can be stronger because of more understanding of ourselves and others, and next time it comes even in a different situation we will know how to be better.

Another part to remind you, is when the thoughts come into your mind that are negative. Such as feeling stupid, or like they used you, or when you feel anger arise, thoughts that do not feel good. You say stop. You stop them. How do you stop the thoughts? You correct them and say no. You say okay, I lost here, and whatever happened … happened, but I know it was to teach me something, and I know next time it won’t happen. I know I am strong, I believe in myself, it is my journey and I can handle it. I am worthy, I am okay, I can forgive myself, I can change.

Whatever happened can be from a past life, a past recognition, a payment, a lesson and it happened, so now we can be free. Now a new door can open for us, a new relationship, a new job, a new career. Believe in yourself, and believe that you can do better. It’s okay.

There is no such thing as a mistake, it is a decision that we did the best we could in the moment, and we learn from it. There is no such thing as a true mistake. Don’t beat yourself up, don’t blame others, and don’t blame yourself. It was a situation that happened to teach you, to go over and understand it, and that’s it – this is why we came here in this life, to learn and to do better.

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