Changes in Our Lives

Change happens all the time in our lives. If we want to change, we have to step into it. We don’t need to worry about change, it is only for good.

I want to talk specifically about changing our circumstances. Changing our space, relationships, jobs, etc.

We have to step out of what we currently have, so we have the opportunity for change to come in. You cannot remain exactly as you are, you have to change something for change to come.

If we stay in the same place, the same house, the same city, the same routine, it is hard to see different things coming to us, to even have a different perspective.

Every change that we do bring in, a different house or apartment, or different city, different state, different country. Any step that feels like a change is good. It allows us to know ourselves better, change is only for good.

The main thing is to not fear change. To not be afraid to take a step and try, no matter what happens it will be for good. We can see different things that we can create, or be, to change energy so that you are not stuck in one place.

I think change is so important. Sometimes you see people that still live in the same place that their parents live, they are still working in the same job, in the same place. I don’t want to judge anyone’s path, but from my point of view and experience, if you want to know yourself better, to create new things, to open new doors, you need to step out and be brave enough to do different things, to change.

Even with jobs, there is no need to fear opportunities not being there for us. Of course we need to do it within reason and be smart about how we change and not act on impulse, but to know there is always going to be something to catch us. To know that change is good. There is no need to fear stepping into it.

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