The First Thing in the Morning

When we wake up in the morning the thoughts we think are the ones we carry with us into the rest of the day.

That time when you wake up is a place where you can start to think differently and attract the changes you want into your reality.

Usually, we always want change in our lives in some way. Sometimes we want it so much, but it is not coming. Even when we imagine it, meditate on it, read positive things, etc. It might be wanting a relationship, or a new relationship, a new job, to move to a new city, a new home, get a new car, have money come in, have a different lifestyle, etc.

The thoughts you think in the morning play into this. You need to honestly look at them – when you wake up in the morning what are the thoughts that start to come up in your mind?

You will quickly see you are thinking about the things that are not feeling good, that are incomplete, that you lack. So you stay with that energy, with those thoughts. What you do not have, or wish you had but do not.

This is our responsibility to change, and we can. The morning is an essential time to take notice and start to be more grateful, appreciative, and in the right mindset.

Write down your thoughts in the morning, this is how you change your mind, how you change the way you are thinking. Write down what you want, and what you are thinking that is good, and more of those kinds of thoughts will grow.

You will start to get into that habit, of using the morning time to only think the way you want your life.

We create our own lives. This is the place where it starts the most. It is up to us, to manage our thinking, our environment, and our reality.

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