Victim Consciousness

I want to talk about victim consciousness, and where this feeling of being a victim comes from.

In life, we want to feel good, we want to feel happy, we want clarity, and we want to feel loved. We don’t want to feel aggravated, angry, scared, or like we cannot do something, we want to feel good.

Where does this Victim Consciousness come from? When we feel scared, or in fear, or worry, or like a victim?

Feeling this way comes from when we blame others. We blame the external, our jobs are too much, because of this person you got stuck, or you blame your parents, your partners, your neighbors, etc.

A reminder that nobody does anything to us, we attract these experiences in life to learn. If you have a situation that you do not like or you feel sad or angry in the moment, know that there is something you need to learn here.

Again nobody does anything to you, it is in your mind, and it is for you to learn from. For example, if you are unhappy in your job or your career and maybe someone gets a raise and you feel let down, know that you are meant to learn from this, or maybe re-route your mind, your path.

As hard as it is to face things, you must ask ‘Why?’

Why is this happening to me? What feelings are coming up in your mind and body that brought this, maybe jealously, maybe negative thoughts? It can be that you are bringing this into your reality, or it can be pushing you to find something else that will make you happy.

Victim consciousness comes to us when we blame others and when we don’t fully understand ourselves in a situation.

Be brave enough to realize it is all in your own hands.

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