Arguments – What to do when they come into our lives?

When arguments come up and we start to have a conflict between two people – disagreements, anger, losing patience, fighting, and clashing – it hurts. When there is a relationship between two people that know each other well, such as family, brother and sister, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc.

First, know that the fights always come from the ego. It will never finish, never be done, never be okay. Until you make peace with your side for you, not the other.

What do we do when an argument happens? First, think about it and ask yourself why has it come to your experience? Why have you gotten to this point? The anger that comes, why have you attracted it in, is there something that you can do differently?

Am I wrong in the situation at all, and can you correct yourself for the next time that this will happen?

As for the other person involved, whatever has been said or done to you, remember that it is about them. What they are projecting is their own story, their own lesson, not yours.

Of course, it is best never to get to this point, but if it has happened, and you have a conflict or argument in your life, it is best to take a step back, to think, to process, to look at the situation.

We can never change another person, but we can change our thoughts. Take it out of yourself, let go of this anger, let go of the fight, and let go of what you can on your side.

The right step is to understand and respect each other, if you are in the place of argument just remember it comes from the ego, and ask where was your conscious to attract this in?

Figure out why it has happened and what you can do to make sure next time you don’t get to this place.

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