Love – Release Fear

What do I mean by this?

Fear comes to us all of the time. All different kinds of fear. Little fears, big fears, hurt, confusion.

With fear comes jealousy, low self-esteem, sickness, depression, and feeling stuck, all of these kinds of things come with fear.

In my opinion, fear comes to us only to wake us up, to help us choose, to help us decide. It does not matter the situation, it comes to us to wake us up, and move us through.

The only thing that can lessen the fear or make the fear disappear is love. Love is a state of mind that makes you feel good. You feel powerful. You feel you are in the right place. You are not moving around in your head – you know what you are doing. You like where you are.

How do you return to love?

You stop blaming other people, you care about the other from a place of love and feel the love for that person. You love yourself, you accept yourself. You realize that this is exactly what you need at this time, even if it is not comfortable.

Love is to see the good in the other person. To see how the cup is full. To put seeds out there for good fruit to come.

Even if we decided on something and it does not fit what we want, that is how we change with love and not fear. See how the future can be good. Accept everything.
Keep returning to love. Keep the mindset in a state of love. Care about each other, look with love.

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