Understanding Fear

Where does fear come from?

I know I have spoken about fear before. This is a reminder of recognizing fear and also understanding where fear comes from.

When we feel scared or worried to do things, when we feel afraid of moving or taking action, when we feel afraid of the world/environment we live in, whatever it may be.

Some people are afraid to swim, to take an elevator, or drive over a bridge. Others are afraid of love, failure, or broader feelings.

Where does it come from? It comes from a couple places, fear comes from a place of the unknown, we have never done something before, so this natural human instinct of fear comes in of just not knowing.

Sometimes fear also comes from control. Of wanting things to happen a certain way. We have to release the control to release the fear.

Lastly, we can have fear, from memory from a past life, or childhood. Fear from the past, we have a bad experience and are afraid to do something again. A relationship, a hurt, a loss, a letdown, etc. Understanding the past and how we can do it differently is how we move through fear that is in the past.

It doesn’t matter the source, what matters is the understanding and the learning from it. Briefly letting your mind go back to this time, and this time looking at it with compassion and working to understand ourselves, what we were going through, understanding what scared us, and if it comes again, we know what to do, we can go again through that differently this time.

Past fear is most often a memory in our subconscious mind, when we experience something that doesn’t feel good, and now in the present we are scared from that and experience fear. We are afraid because of a bad memory. Sometimes we have to look back to understand, but then the key is to let go of it, realize it is in the past and realize it is not necessarily that it’s going to happen again the same way.

Release the fear, let go.

You’re okay. It can be different now.

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