Defining What it Means to be in the NOW

When I say be in the Now, I want to remind you why and where that expression comes from.

The truth is, the past and the future do not exist, everything else beyond right now is an illusion. What is outside of us right now in the physical exists, nothing else really does, it is just a memory from the past, from a recognition, a vision, a thought, the past, even just the past from yesterday.

So whenever our mind wanders outside of the now, we need to decide what to do with the memories that come up, and also the fearful thoughts that come up.

If you have good memories, it is always good to hold onto them. Bad memories, on the other hand… we need to understand why they come into our lives and realize the challenges that come to our lives are for us to learn from them, and let them go.

The challenging memories or fearing what is next do not help us, remember none of this exists in the now. None of this serves you now.

I just want you to understand this, for when I say live in the NOW, if now is good, then tomorrow is going to be good.

All the worrying about the past or the future creates a different reality that may not be good. When these memories or fearful thoughts come up, it is best to look around you for positive good things, and focus on the NOW, right here in this moment, it is all we have, the rest is an illusion and a way for you to learn and let go.

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