Maintaining Joy and Happiness

How do we keep ourselves feeling fulfilled, happy, and joyful?

This is a very important question, as there are a lot of challenges that come to us and many things that can get us down. But there is a way to maintain feeling good.

To feel full, satisfied, at ease, light, joy, love, and happiness is something we create by doing what we love.

Activities and a mindset to know that we are okay – no matter what is going on. To do things, and focus on what you love.

There are two kinds of people. First, there are people that already know what they love and like, for example, some people love tennis, baking, gardening, or cooking. When they do these hobbies they feel happy. It might be getting in nature, traveling, or baking. These people know what they like and they do that, and it helps them.. maybe it is surfing, boating, or yoga.

Then there are people that don’t know what can fulfill them. With these kinds of people it is necessary to remember what they like and used to like, as a child, hobbies that we couldn’t pursue, or never did. Try them on now, and see what lifts you up.. or try and ask your family/friends what they see you doing, and maybe recognize something in which we didn’t do yet.

Try things, look on YouTube, take a class, try to do different things and find out what makes you happy, what makes you fulfilled.

Having hobbies and living true to yourself is the path to maintaining joy and happiness, no matter what is happening you are holding onto something that fulfills you, and its important to always check in with that, especially if you feel a bit down or lost tap back in, and maintain feeling good.

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