Letting go of Material things

I want to talk about letting go of material things.

Sometimes it happens that we hold something close and give it meaning and then we lose it and we are very sad.

For this blog, I am referring to material things that we have, such as toys, jewelry, clothes, pictures, etc.

For example, my granddaughter recently lost the teddy bear that she got when she was born. She is 9 years old now and has been crying about how sad she is that she lost it this past weekend in Orlando. This made me think of this topic, as we really need to teach our children and ourselves that material things are just things.

We need to change the way we think, maybe there’s a reason it happened and maybe someone else needed it, or maybe this can be an opening for new things to come.

Things are with us for a time, to love and hold close, and then when they leave us in whatever way it is good to remember that it is okay. Think about what is in your closet that you don’t even use… maybe shoes, suits, old handbags, maybe someone else can use these things if we can let go of them, and space can be created in our life for new.

Material things that we haven’t used in a year or more, maybe we can give them away and give a donation so that other people can use them. If there are some trinkets that we lose that we really held onto and we lose it, it’s okay, things are just things and as much as we love the material thing, we have to remember that things come to our lives for periods of time for our using and loving, and although they feel important they are really not everything – we are.

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