I want to talk about loneliness and how we can change this feeling to feel fulfillment that we are not alone. Each one of us gets this feeling of loneliness sometimes. That low feeling that we are alone, nobody is with us, we feel we want to talk to someone but nobody is there. When we feel sad or completely on our own.

It may trigger a negative thought or memory we remember from childhood triggers that made us feel alone, like a group of other kids not wanting to be with us.

We can be married and feel that we are alone. We can be with people and feel that we are alone.

When we feel lonely the trick is to change the way we think. When your child leaves the house and isn’t living with you anymore, we need to think that “they are with me but not near me.”

Or our parents when we don’t live with them anymore but they are with us, and the same thing with children, we care about them and think about them and are with them even when not physically.

We want to get to this point where we are fulfilled and feel that we are not alone when we are. Fill your life with things you like. Fill the space that feels empty, read, go out for walks, write, do something creative. Find a way to give to others, and there are plenty of ways to fill that void with things we love and we don’t feel alone.

People come and go in our lives, and we just need to learn about them, and learn about ourselves. Surround ourselves with people that elevate us, support us, and realize that it is okay to let people go. The past is to learn from but not let it define us. We are not alone. Loneliness is only in our heads.

There are many things in nature and on this planet that can make you feel connected and not alone.

A beautiful beach, the forests,  animals, finding a pet or nature to take in.

There are many things that can make us feel not alone, and to know that loneliness hits all of us at some point,  it is okay and we just have to know what to do when we feel that way.

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