Behavior Towards Others

The way we behave to others sometimes isn’t ideal and can make us think that we often don’t think about how important it is to behave in the right way.

Sometimes we behave towards others negatively whether it’s our parents, our children, friends, coworkers, a stranger, bus drivers, etc. No matter who it is, we say something we don’t think about saying or think about if it is the right words that we say. We take it out on them, without putting attention if it is the right way to say it, or if it is right or wrong.

Sometimes we forget the cause and effect of the actions of our words. How much they can impact the other person. We forget about karma and what we put out we get back. The way that we think about others, the way we say it, all the things come back to us and we need to be careful with this.

Think twice before saying something to another person. Especially after reacting. The way we say it matters.

Sometimes we need to say a comment back to react, but we need to say and ask ourselves if we really need to say it, and just think through when something triggers us and we want to say something to another person.
Sometimes we are wrong with what we do say, and it is good to remember that other people can be the same way. So we don’t need to feel down when other people say something about us that doesn’t make us feel good.

Remember the cause and effect and whatever you say comes back to you. Also, remember the way to a happy life is to give out good things, positive ways to make others feel good about themselves, compliments, kind words, and to see the positive aspects in one another.

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