The Universe and Our Planet Is Calling for Us to Go Inside

Right now in this time, there is a lot of division going on.

There is confusion, a division between people and countries, and tension in many countries. This can be challenging and but it’s happening. Each one of us can believe something different and we have different experiences, but we must remember that we are all on our own journeys.

This is about individuals needing to control the inside vs. the outside controlling the individuals. Things like war, sickness, and fear, and divisions will always happen. They have been for many years past.

The truth is we need to live in the moment, live in the now, and start to do the inner work. 

To do the inner work inside, to sit with ourselves and face our fears, clean the past, and clear any blocks inside. Be more knowledgeable about yourself.

Start to learn about yourself, to question yourself. To see how you can balance this area of inner peace inside you.

If each one of us can do this, and come back to our own inner self, the anger and the fear from the outside world will subside. Every time that I can I will remind you that you need to clear yourself and be clean. Clean your body of the past, clean your body by taking care of yourself, eating clean, exercising, being in nature/the sun.

Take care of yourself and lean into your inner being, your body, and your soul. Try to put the right things into your body. Being with the right people who elevate you and help you. Try to see where is your mind, can you bring it back to focusing on the good?

All of these things bring you in balance, and that way when the outside comes it doesn’t scare you, it doesn’t control you or affect you.

You already are going to know what to do and how to be, because your body and your mind are clean. They are clear and okay.

Focus on yourself now.

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