Time to Clear the Past

What we need to do right now – is clear the past.

The time we are in right now is a changing period in time. We are moving through a period, and there is a lot of difference going on. For people who believe in different things, the truth is that now more than ever we need to live in the present more than in the past.

The main thing is that we really need to live in the present and understand that the past is really just a memory in our minds.

The past is there for us to learn about ourselves and what can we learn from it to elevate ourselves? Each one of us has doubts about some topic, whether it be a sickness, a family drama, a relationship, financial problems, etc. 

The truth is we really need to forget about the past and the challenges that we have had, and we need to go on to the next dimension.

All the bad memories in our minds, we need to sit down with ourselves and look at the memories and analyze them, see why they came into our life, and how did teach us something? 

How can we let it go? 

All challenges come to our life to teach us something, to learn. The challenge is to let go of them, we have to face them.

For all the things in which we blame other people for how they treated us etc. This is the time for us to do it, to let go because that is the only way for us to evolve.

Each one of us has our own journey to get there, we cannot blame everyone or agree with anyone, we need to clear ourselves to be in the right place right now in this moment. To upgrade our environment right now with people who love and support us and plan for the future.

Let the past go, let the sad or angry memories go, let the stress go, the fear, the blame of other people in which they hurt us, let all of this go. This is all our mirror to change and to be better and ultimately to get over it. This is the time now to get over it, to do it, and to know that each one of us has our own journeys and our minds, to get there. We cannot blame, judge, or agree with everyone, the truth is we just need to clear ourselves to be in a good place and a good environment to live and love in the now.

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