How do you stay motivated in this uncertain time?

In this time it is easy to feel confused, we don’t know what is going to happen… or when things will change. It can feel overwhelming and at times very scary. There is a heaviness, a grey feeling cloud hanging over our heads… We cannot run away from it, all over the world this virus has affected us, and it is something that we all feel…

We are in a time where we need to separate the outside and ourselves. We know what is going on in the world… and as a whole will go through that. But in the meantime we can also separate the outside from our own personal lives and focus on what is true to us.

To use this unique time to separate the outside factors from ourselves and get true with our own journeys. What we want to create, planting the seeds of what would bring us joy and excitement even with this environment, and the circumstances we face.

For example, people who loved to travel, and now they cannot, or their trip was cancelled… what they can do is realize how much they love to travel, and then find a way to get that feeling back. Feel that passion in some other form… find a pleasure in reading a book about travel, making a vision board with pictures of where you want to travel when you can, or even reaching out to someone you know in a different place, offering to help them in some way.

When we start to put our mind towards what we want and then finding a way to find that feeling now… we start to focus on aspects that feel good, and we can stop focusing on the fear. Or what is lacking in our lives. Instead think of our lives as adapting and changing to a new time. We have to find ways to fill up in that vs. fight it with fear.

I know that in the near future a lot of people are going to need help. They might stop getting unemployment, or they might be afraid of many factors. So right now is a super important time to face that truth, but also start focusing on what does feel good. Who we can love, thoughts that feel empowering to our body and soul.

You have the power within you, and with your thoughts to actually change and navigate this time.

To stay motivated try and feel okay where you are. Know that life is happening for you, so when you accept it, and accept that challenge you open a way for motivation to flow. You are not alone, and it is good to process how you feel. We are all going through this, and connected as a whole more than ever before.

I am here for you if you need help, support, or motivation. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me on my website. Thanks for reading my blog. Stay strong.

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