Planning in the Time of Coronavirus

It is hard to plan anything in this time of uncertainty, and as humans we long to control and know what is next.

This time is about change – teaching us to be in the moment, not to plan too much, plan goals but not so much rigid plans. Being present, and trying to understand what has happened to you… and why it has happened to to you.

You need to have adaptable plans in this time but also always. Things can change every moment. You cannot plan in this time of the unknown completely, but here are two plans you can have:

A – Be adaptable, be okay in the moment where you are. Temporary places… or jobs… thats okay. Being adaptable. Plan at least a few options for yourself. Every week it can be different… things are changing, we in this way are independent of what is happening outside of us. We can adapt. In this way when you have a few plans you are not disappointed.

B – Envision what your ideals look like, I see myself married, I see myself acting, writing a book, don’t get overwhelmed know that having a few plans or visions is what it will take to get there if it is meant for you and if you believe in it enough and 100%. It will happen in time. When you are ready. When it is for you.

C – Thats it, for these next couple months focus on what is right in front of you that you feel okay in this moment and then also the possibility of what can happen, the seeds that you want to plant for your future self. Less pressure of how, more trust.

Appreciate what you have!! And trust me right now you have enough. When you focus on the good, more good comes.

You don’t know where it will come from, so just be open, be grateful, and trust it all.

1 thought on “Planning in the Time of Coronavirus”

  1. Thank you, what you wrote in this post has helped me with my metal planing and thinking what will be next. During this time of uncertainty.
    I appreciate your subjections

    Sincerely Josefina

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