A Reminder – To See the Good, and Focus on the Good

When you focus on what is missing or what is wrong you stay in the same place and don’t go anywhere. If you focus on what is bad, what is wrong, judging, etc. it is only in your head, and will simply make you attract more and more of those same things. Sometimes we need this simple reminder that all it really takes is a shift in perspective to focus on what is good.

When you see the good things in everything, this is how you start to draw the good things into your life. For example if a person in front of you spills a coffee on a table, you choose how you want to react… offer to help, understand, show kindness, open a door that will bring you somewhere else- perhaps they will be a new friend, a new connection, a way to feel good… or you can react with annoyance therefore not getting anywhere just feeling worse about your life and your surroundings.

This is something that we know, but it is good to be reminded of all the time. It is so easy to slip into seeing what we don’t like or what is wrong, that often times all it takes is a minute of clear thought and focus to see the good again. To see what is working out in your life.

Know that no matter what is going on you can always turn to see the clarity, compassion, kindness, beauty that exists all around you in every moment.

When you see something bad or that you don’t like, just take a moment and realize that it is only in your mind, and you can change it in a second by seeing something good and something that feels good.

We attract what we think about, and what we talk about. The way we think and the way we talk is what we attract into our lives.

It is all very simple, but it takes time to understand… it is simple but not so simple reminder that becomes a habit by practice. By reading things like this blog, by seeing laughter, and kids, and flowers, and nature, and joy … it all exists.

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