A Reminder for All Moms

With children, life quickly fills up and becomes very busy. Daily activities and life amidst any time, but especially amidst this time. With the Corona Virus, most families are spending time at home and juggling work, homework, schedules, and stresses of caring for kids.

As a woman and a Mom, it is easy to lose sight of ourselves and not think about ourselves in the busy day-to-day of life. Mom’s often put their own hobbies, their relaxing downtime, and self care routines to the side, to make more time for their kids and families.

My suggestion is to remind yourself to take time for you and pick something – a hobby, or anything – that brings you pleasure. Set the time for that. As a woman we naturally become caregivers and our children become our priorities. However, this is a reminder that you are still your own person. To take care of you is essential and will not only make you a better Mom, but will give you room to breathe and find gratitude for the roles you play as a woman.

This is so important for any individual to take the time to set time for their pleasures because you get energy from those things. Dance, tennis, a run, swimming, a spa day, an art project, yoga, meditation, a getaway weekend just for you. Whatever you enjoy, or something you have always wanted to try. You don’t have to be an expert at it, just enough to prioritize what makes you feel good.

When you do the things that bring you joy – even just for one time (you can switch these things up, seeing what you like best in the process). Setting the time in your routine will bring you ease, a calm in the chaos, and a way for you, especially as a Mom, to rejuvenate yourself and not get run down. Make the time, and know it is as important to schedule as anything else!

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