People are drawn to comfort.

We like things in order to be comfortable, clean, safe, nice. On the opposite spectrum people are also drawn to improvement and growth, getting new jobs, new apartments, nicer cars, that kind of expansion. Somewhere in the middle of those two feelings – security and excitement – is change.

Change is such a part of life. Every day little changes take place whether we embrace it or not. This is a message and a reminder that change, and embracing change as being positive, something we actually can look forward to, will bring us calm instead of fear. For that comfortable, clean, safe place to happen at different levels we must go through the period of change where it can feel a bit bumpy and not so smooth. It is the only way to get there.

Change is a birth of something coming into your world. Super uncomfortable for a while, and then all of a sudden the most beautiful thing in your life. The new and improved comes to us through change.

Any change that you want in your life, do not fear the process of it. When we are comfortable and don’t change anything we feel stuck. When we are uncomfortable and going through a struggle we are pushed into a direction of something new. In that stage instead of shutting down, keep climbing and knowing it is a natural process of bringing something better into your life.

If you don’t embrace the changes in your life, something comes and forces you to change. That is okay too. Adapt to whatever you are going through. When you do, growth starts to happen and you can make it to the next place of comfort. Change is the catalyst for improvement.

So look at your desires, and know to get to them, to let them into your life, you must also let in change.

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