Fearing the Future in this Time

We cannot look back at what it was, this what I am doing now. A reminder that the fear comes from the comparison of what was, or wanting it to be different from what is.

A lot of people are scared about the future and confused. You are not alone.

People used to live with a feeling of control in their life. They thought they had some sense of control over their choices and lives. What has happened now is that everything in this planet has changed… and there is a sense of loss of control, and unknown, and what we did before we cannot do since the world has changed.

We don’t have control. We never really do. It is not in our hands, we just need to decide on what action we can take, and how we look at things. Today I am doing this and that. Decide you are doing something. Control is an illusion, you have to let it go. Every person has a lack in some area in their life. This is the area that you need to build upon.

When you believe in yourself things are going to happen that feel good, and open up for you. It is the fear that is a sign you don’t yet believe in yourself.

So a reminder to let it be and believe in yourself.

Create a new mantra that you tell yourself. Positive “I am” confirmations such as I am enough, or I love and care for myself.

In that feeling of confusion there can be hope, people need to change with that.

Try something else just even if temporary to get your mind off the fear. People need to understand that the times have changed and it might be for the better, it’s just the transition that feels choppy in the meantime. There are two ways to look at fear, one way where it is confusing and you feel stuck, and the other way to realize the challenge and then use it to grow.. to change what needs to be changed within you.

Try to live in the moment, in the now. Not about the future, what is good for this time? What can I do in this time? Move on even if it is slowly. Always do something. Try things, start to do something whatever you wanted to do and now you have more time to do. Just don’t stay in a place and wait, blaming outside factors that are outside your control. Living this way creates more fear.

What do if you are afraid? To lose your job, to find a job.

Why I am scared? Try to examine the details. What do you think you can do differently? Your mind gets focused, and actions you can take now begin to unfold.

You have fear in the area that you feel you don’t have control in, the area that you have a lack in. Because you don’t believe in yourself in that area. Try to believe in yourself in that area and send yourself love.

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