When There is Lack in Our Lives

Each one of us comes to this planet with some kind of lack. So remember it is natural if you feel stuck in some way, like you don’t have enough in a category of life.

When we have lack it is when we don’t believe in ourselves 100%. Strengths and weaknesses in our lives… with your strengths you don’t have doubt about those, you aren’t scared to do them or talk about them… things that come to you naturally or that you feel confident in. When we feel fear or lack or not good enough it is because we don’t believe in ourselves in that area.

So what do we do when we feel that lack? Try to tune into the same energy that you have in an area of strength, bring that energy towards your lack or to a weakness. Try to get the feeling you feel when you focus on something you have a lot of, something that is working well, try to overlap that into your weakness or your fear.

For example if you are great at baking deserts and not cooking, bring that confidence into cooking and it erases the fear. To believe in yourself, find more desire in that area, find more passion.

Take it step by step. This is our journey. The lack area is part of our journey.

We need to try until we get strong. Our weaknesses take longer than our strengths because it is part of our journey and growth.

The area that you lack means you have to continue and try, when you recognize that you have lack it means you just have to work on it, and not fear it. Try to go towards that area. This is our journey. It takes time.

When you recognize this, the fear starts to leave you. As soon as you admit or notice your fear it starts to leave you.

Trying and failing is part of your journey and the reason you are here in this lifetime. This is how you build that belief in yourself. You then have to do that again and again. Different ways, and failure but continuous trying in different ways.. That is the work… and why we are here.

Try to not think about the large subjects. But think about what is right in front of you. Scared to speak up, scared to face the day, scared to go outside, scared to swim, to face the little fears of the day to day and let confidence from what you don’t fear pour into those areas.

When we feel we are enough, and happy with who we are, more comes in. So tune into that strong energy that is always there. When you experience lack, at the other end of the spectrum is confidence and abundance. Your journey is meant to have that contrast.

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