Why Do We Need to Know About the Sign of the Zodiac?

The Zodiac signs are en excellent tool to use to help us understand the relationships in our lives. The signs are guides to help us know what qualities come naturally. Libras, for example, tend to be indecisive. No matter if you fully believe in astrology or not, learning the signs of the people in your life will help you.

Your Zodiac Sign or “Star Sign” is a reflection of the position of the sun when you were born. Each one of the signs in the Zodiac has something we can learn, and something that can help us understand the other people so we know how to be with them and what comes naturally to them.

We can also use the Zodiac sign to understand the month and the season we are in. For example, we are now entering Virgo Season. Below is a recap on the Virgo energy coming our way, and a brief reminder of a trait each sign carries below. It is great to understand the Zodiac and use it as a way to deeper understand each relationship in our lives and where we are throughout the year.

Pisces Virgo Season Recap:

* Virgos tend to be attentive and caring, and determined to work hard, which can also cause them to be critical of situations, of other people, and of themselves.

One major pattern for Virgos is therefore, to learn to accept, respect and embrace things and people as they are, instead of judging and criticizing them for what they are not.

This month can give us the motivation to do the things we know will move us forward spiritually, even if we may find it difficult, knowing that no matter how far we have fallen or how far we have gone, we can always find our way back to our source and embrace what is.

How do we find out what we must change? A good place to start is to look at the areas where we have had the most difficulty. This may be the way we communicate, what we say or do not say, what we do or do not do. So take a closer look. The answers will surely expose themselves. There is no need to worry about this month’s discovery process – we can happily take it upon ourselves, knowing that our work really does affect the big picture.

When we build or renovate a house, we make a list of all the things that need to be done and saved and all the things that need to be taken out. This week, I suggest we make a similar list of our lives so we can take advantage of the cosmic opportunity before us.

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