How Do You Stop Fearing the Unknown?

The fear comes from places in which you don’t yet know. So it is important to understand that fear in general comes from the unknown.

The fearing that comes into our thoughts comes in through the places where we experience lack and are incomplete.

Usually it comes in through a place in which we feel we are missing something. Those areas of life where we believe we aren’t good enough, or have been let down, not supported.

It is natural to have those moments.

However, You don’t need to think about the future with fear – it is okay not to know what is going to happen.

To stop fear at any moment return from lack to presence. Bring yourself back to the now. Live the now.

Look around and see things that are good. Today is good. Tomorrow will be good. If any challenge comes, it will be okay.

You will take it when you know it, but for now leave the unknown and return to the moment.

Return to what is now. Where you are. What you appreciate. It is okay not to know.

Let go of expectation. Of feeling sorry. Of feeling sad. Accept where you are. The fear and the feeling of lack will ease. It is okay to remind yourself and bring yourself back, we are all carrying around this fear but we all also have the capability to carry ease, acceptance, and a trust of ourselves.

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