Building the Peace Within You

Usually we like to control things. Have something to hold onto, some outcome to know what will happen. We live in the future or the past trying to analyze and then plan.

In this uncertain time for many it has been a reminder that sometimes that reality and knowing cannot often happen. However, the one thing we can do is to build the peace inside of us and to feel okay in the now.

When we work on the internal we will reflect that out. Get the internal in line, and the external will fall into place.

When we feel peace inside, we are being in our conscious. Our conscious (awareness, presence, inner being) is most important.

When you feel peace inside challenges are just challenges. Life is just as it is. All is well. In the meantime, now, working on what is inside of you. Affirm that “I need to build inner peace.” Focus on feeding your internal body well – fruits and vegetables, exercising, walking,
finding things that you like to do that feel good. Singing, walking, running, yoga, meditation, dancing.

Always keep your mind in check. Ask yourself why am I thinking these things? If it is not helping me, think something else. Really control your mind, control your thoughts. Focus on peace within you.

In chapter 2 and chapter 8 of my book, I write about the subconscious mind, and the power of thinking. “If you have thought such as, “they did this to me”, or “why are they taking
this from me”, etc. you’re giving the power to others instead of concentrating on yourself.

Occupying yourself with what others are thinking or doing is the essence of victimhood and a waste of time. It moves the center of power and control from you to others and therefore doesn’t help you on your journey to becoming complete.

Build the peace within you.

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