Life is a Journey – Keep Going

Life is a journey. This is a blog post to remind you that your life is in process… a journey to expand to your best self.

You are on your way, and if it feels difficult or bumpy or confusing, just remember that you are here to reach your complete self, by learning, discovering, and correcting your imperfections.

We come to this universe with our physical bodies, but we also come with certain deficiencies, holes in our being that are yearning to be filled or completed. This is part of your journey, in this lifetime.

To learn, to grow, so if it feels really hard, try to keep going, to understand the difficulty you face.

We have the ability to reach our complete self with just a little bit of guidance and awareness.

When we start to look at everything that has happened to us so far with an understanding of what I learn from it, why is that happening to me? We begin to understand our own individual journeys and why we are here.

I wrote a book called Our Journey, as I think the more we understand our individual journey, the more we can share it with others who can relate and grow from that too. Your experiences are your own and they are uniquely yours, created to serve you on your own journey. Everything is here for you. Not against you. This is your journey.

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