Cause and Effect

This is one of the laws of the universe. I believe strongly in it. What you do, you get back. What you give comes back to you.

The reason I want to talk about it in this time is because a lot of people right now are living in fear, they are afraid, they are worried… even if they may not realize it, it is important to come back to where we are and recognize our thoughts and what we are putting out into the world… because that is what comes back to you.

Everything that happens to you in your life is because of a reason. Nothing is random, it is all part of what you create with your thoughts and your actions.

This is good, as it means you are in control.

Things happen because of something. Either it is our subconscious minds… or our conditioned thoughts. Or it is something that we do, a physical action like lying or stealing… those negative actions come back to us.

For example, maybe someone lied to you, and you think what?? I don’t lie to others… but maybe you lie to yourself. Maybe you are not honest with what you want, etc. Sometimes it is hard to uncover why things are coming into your life… but it is so important to remember that it all starts with you.

Here is another example. A woman falls in the street… and she might think how can this happen? She will try to blame the outside factors like the uneven pavement, or the busy traffic, maybe thinking I should sue the city! This is not right! But the truth is her falling happened because of her, all of what happens to us is somehow internal first. Not that we can prevent the unexpected and accidents, etc. but it is so essential to know that so much of what happens is because of you.

Just remember this law of this universe. Cause and effect. What you put out comes back. If you send love, or give, or be kind, thoughtful, supportive, it all comes back. So act and think with that mindset, and watch your life start to change.

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