About Us & This Planet

I want to speak about this planet and us. 

First, nobody is better than anybody. Each of us comes here with something unique inside of us that we offer to the world.

Each of us also come with something we want to achieve. 

With that we also come with our challenges, our fears and obstacles of getting there.

It’s like a puzzle. 

Each one of us is here to do the job personally… different for everyone. Each is on a unique journey.

What is happening now is that we see each others lives on display. 

For example if someone has a nice car, we want the same. If someone has a nice house, we want the same. If someone is on a nice vacation, or in a really amazing relationship… we want the same. People are seeing what others do so often that we forget about ourselves and that each of us offers something different to the world.

Each one of us is here to do his/her job. We live in an age of comparison. We see what others do, and feel a need to do that too, that we forget that we all come with something unique, that each path is different. Remind yourself that everyone has something unique that belongs only to them – something that belongs only to you. It is better to focus on ourselves. To find out what we like, what we want, who we are. It is better and more rich to focus on what is within us.

We came to this planet for two reasons:

1. To find our potential, our unique, original gift and to give it to others.

2. To find the things that we have difficulty in, for example when a person pushes your buttons, which is hard, so that we can correct them in ourselves, expand and grow.

Find what is yours. What you want, and what you get pleasure from. When we focus on what isn’t ours, or copy others, or what we want that might just not for be us, we feel sad and lost.

Come back to what is you. What is within you.

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