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This week I want to talk about Anger. Some people experience more anger, some people less. Where does it come from and what can we do when it does come up?

Anger comes from fear.

Anger comes from the unknown.

Anger can come from a belief that you believe in and another person doesn’t. It can come from other people pushing your buttons in some way. Anger can come from so many things.

I know that nobody wants to live with Anger. Nobody wants to exist in the dark, and not be in the light. Of course we don’t want the anger to be there, but it comes.

We must look into why and where it comes from and understand it, this is how we grow from it, and control it.

Anger usually is between two or more people. Between family, between a spouse, between a coworker.

The main thing to do in this situation is to really listen to what the other person has to say. First listen. Now after a day or two, you can say clearly and concisely about how you didn’t like it, or it wasn’t kind, and we must talk like human beings, respect that we can believe differently and that usually when we listen we find compassion for each other even when we disagree.

Anger can also come from things such as reading the news, or just being frustrated with circumstances outside of you.

Everyone sees things differently. We all have our own universe and different thinking/understanding in our heads.

That is okay. Each one of us is at different levels. Which is totally okay. We are all on our own time and pace to learn in this lifetime.

How do you relax anger?

By counteracting with what brings you joy, or brings you to a place of feeling good. It is different for everyone. Some people love to play tennis, or dance, or hike, surf, read, do artwork, etc.

Another thing to do is to listen to relaxing music on Youtube or meditations, affirmations, something that allows you to be quiet with yourself and tune into you. Doing this you can picture cleaning yourself, or taking anger out of your system. Anger is easily able to disappear when we take time to restore ourselves and move through it.

I wish you all the best and am here if you need me.

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