The Secret of Sharing

Usually when people share, they expect that they will get something back in return.

It doesn’t necessarily need to be something physical like money or material goods, it can be love, or kindness, attention, or time.

The secret on sharing is simple. It is to give without expecting anything in return… and then it comes to you.

When you start to be nice, or a people pleaser, etc. You are working against the current and although it may come back, what works best is when you give unconditionally. Not so that you
will be liked, or that you will get what you want.

Whatever you have within you, give that out without expecting anything to come back to you. Don’t think how or what you will get out of the giving, think about just what you have to offer and let go of anything beyond that.

Give from the bottom of your heart. Give what you have away.

Even with your children, your spouse, just give what you haves thinking of how much you give and what they give back.

It is like a candle that is lit and shares light. Just share your light, and good things will come back to you. It is when we start to think of what we are getting in return that we give in a way that can drain us or feel tiresome. When you give without wanting you feel full, happy, and in alignment with you.

The giving needs to flow. The secret of sharing is letting go of the outcome and just giving.

When thoughts come up such as, “Oh I give so much and I don’t get anything back…”, you have lost the flow.

Give what you have unconditionally, and all will come to you.

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