The Moment – Being in the Present

I know this topic is talked about again and again, but truly the best thing you can do is live in the moment.

Our mind goes into the future and past so quickly. We get tuned in to our future, how we will make money or if we will have enough money, how or where we will live, what we are going to do, what about our health, worry and anxiety follow – are we doing this right?

Or we are thinking about the past.

We analyze our background, what our parents did to us, what our teachers told us, our past failures, or things that could have gone differently. When this happens we get worried, anxious, sad, upset. 

This causes a blockage as when this happens it takes us again out of the now and into fear based thoughts.

To live in the moment means to live in the now. 

This is where God – the “Creator” the light, the truth, your intuition, answers, all come to you.

If you teach yourself to come back to the now. Your life becomes easier, you don’t have as much worry, come back to this moment.

Exercises can help you train your mind to come back to the present. It is always between you and your mind. You bring your mind to the present when you hear music, or the car outside, or the rain. 

When you see trees moving in the wind, flowers blooming, people laughing or chatting. You come back to the now and remind yourself that you are in the now and here, it is okay.

Talk to yourself and bring yourself into the now when you start to think about the future or the past. 

Remind yourself to come back to the present when you feel anxious or worry about what is next. Live now and enjoy the moment. Bring yourself back to what you are doing now. For example I am reading now, I will enjoy the book, I am eating now, I will enjoy the food, I am with this person now, I will enjoy the company, I am working now, I will enjoy the work.

When you live in the moment, be content with the present, things you do want are able to come in, as the blockages are released.

I talk a lot about this in my book, Our Journey. 

Be where you are, its enough as is.

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