About Lack – Something We Had in the Past

When we miss the things that we used to have, or no longer have, we are focused on lack. It can be a physical thing, an emotional thing, a person, or a material thing. It can be anything that you feel you don’t have and you wish you did, or you miss it, and wish you had it back.

It is nice to remember things that you have. If we miss or long for something that we don’t have, however, it usually makes us feel inadequate and not enough. It is good to notice where you feel lack, but to then switch your mindset away from it as soon as you can.

We can learn from the feeling of lack that comes up, and then let it go, and go on. It is good to remember the things that we used to have and we don’t have. It is also important to remind yourself that you still can have them if you want, but everything comes at different times.

Don’t wish. If you want to, try to see if it really will fit your life, and then go for it and get it. If it is love, or material things, or a business. Take an action that will get you closer to having it. Otherwise let it go. Repeat the affirmation: what is meant for me will come to me. What is meant for me in this life, will come to me. Take a step and then let go and trust it will come.

Don’t look at other people, or compare. Comparison brings lack as we see others having what we want, and don’t have. When you start to feel envy, or comparison, or jealousy, or a wishing of your life to be better than it is. Turn off the lack mindset and refocus your attention. You never know what other people are going through … refocus your mind back to you. When we are living in lack we are preventing things to come to us.

Don’t let yourself wish for your life to be different, or missing what you had, or didn’t have. 

Stop comparing – relationships, business, money, others. Each one of us can take the things that have happened in the past and in our mind and we wish things were different. Break that habit, and come back to the now. What you can do to get it, or how you can let it go.

Let go of the lack, and come back to love.

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