Hatred … Where does it come from?

What do we need to learn from it and what to do with it?

It happens when there is a strong disagreement or differing belief between people. Different views, religions, political views, racist views, when another thinks he is better or smarter than others.

Hatred comes from division. If one person is a vegetarian and hating anyone who eats meat because of animal cruelty there is still hatred on both sides.

Many examples in the news are seen in wars and divides.. dislike of difference. All of the issues arise when different views and beliefs clash with each other.

Basically people think first in a defensive way to protect themselves when hateful energy is happening.

However, it so important to understand that each one of our souls come for a different purpose to this universe this life.

Each one of us has a different job to do in this lifetime. Each of us is born to a different religion, different country, a different color, for a purpose to live out to expand.

We can just do us. However, we must respect each other, as we all have our own journey.

Repeat the affirmation – I can just do me.

To guide people away from hatred it is so important that we know this. We cannot change a person and we cannot dislike another person because they are different from us. There is no need to defend, more important to accept we are all here for our own reasons and our own journey.

Every soul that comes into this world comes with is unique purpose to reach UNITY, it is like a puzzle, each puzzle has a different shape and color and we too, we have to complement each other with out hate.

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3 thoughts on “Hatred”

  1. Hi Rachel, I have appreciated this amazing post because it is an amazing reminder I am working in process and I highly appreciate this post.

    Thank you


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