To Be a Victim

To Be a Victim – What to do when you feel weak.

If you have thoughts such as “they did this to me”, “why are they doing this to me?” or “they took it from me”, you are giving the power to others instead of concentrating on yourself.

You are playing the victim. If you feel hurt, sad or thrown off because of another person, it weakens your own power.

Occupying yourself with what others are thinking or doing is the essence of victim and a waste of time. It moves the center of power and control from you to others and therefore doesn’t help you on your journey.

We have to remember that each person or experience that comes across our path is for us to learn from.

Everyone, no matter how annoying or hurtful, is here for us to learn from. To help us on our journey. We learn from them and then move on.

We cannot listen to the “buts” and the “hows” and the myriad of excuses. Those are blockages holding us back. We must move past them.

When you feel yourself falling into thoughts that don’t feel good and blockages to the true essence of you, try to notice and change your thoughts to be more positive and empowering. It takes 17 seconds to think a new positive thought about a situation, and then your mind will hop to another and another and another thought that feels better. Like a staircase slowly stepping you back up to a higher place.

Not only can the mind detect positive thought and turn it into action; it desperately craves more and more positive thought.

In fact, it becomes addicted to the far reaching power of positivity. Of climbing higher.

Each positive thought will compound upon itself, growing and growing and growing becoming
more powerful with each new positive thought.

You are in control, and never a victim unless you think you are. Change and grow and move past it.

I talk a lot about this in Chapter 8 of my book, Our Journey, if you need more examples and help with this topic.

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