A Reminder About Cause and Effect

People sometimes forget about this important law of the universe – cause and effect.

What you put out, give to others, comes back to you. We see that the universe starts to change.

You see how the coronavirus is still around, things are taking longer than we thought one year ago, and some people are not understanding it.

No matter how it is or what it is that comes to our life, it comes to shake us to wake us up. Each one of us can look inside of us and try to see what doesn’t serve us anymore.

Don’t look at other people. Don’t compare your path to another. Each person needs to look at themselves and try to be better. To influence people with good things whatever you can share.

Love, money, blessings. Everything you put out there will come back to you. You do good, you will be full of good and only good will come to your life.

It’s a rule of the universe, it is cause and effect.

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