A Reminder About the Importance of Unity

We have talked about unity before. This is a reminder to keep it in mind and realize how important it is.

     *Unity in our body.
     *Unity with our family and friends
     *Unity with the universe, and the power that unity that can help us for good.

When we are united, we feel power. When people come together and create something, create a movement, they create force.

Same thing with our bodies. When everything is balanced and working together, we feel strong, powerful, balanced.

How can we start to feel the unity in our bodies? We can start by sitting for a few moments and breathing, doing a small meditation or even just for a moment taking a few breaths to focus on the entire body, everything working together.

All of us exist in this one universe. All of us are different, think differently, react differently. The thing is, each one of us is in our own place… we have different lessons to learn, and all of us are on a different journey to learn.

As I said in another one of my blogs about the Truth – everything is true for each person in their own time.

This is where unity comes in. When we understand and acknowledge that each one of us is in our own unique place, we can learn to respect that. In our minds by knowing this, we create the good, with unity. We respect others. We let them be the way they are in the moment. If we start to change and think like this, we will bring more unity into this planet and see amazingly different results for the better.

Even if I don’t believe what another person says, I can still respect that person. This is unity. Unity has power, and we can win a lot of good things by unity.

I bless everybody. You can start by affirmations, and just moments to connect with your breath, change your mindset, and feel respect for all that is.

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