Taking Ownership of What Happens to Us

It is about time we stop blaming others for a situation happening in our life, and take responsibly for it.

Usually when something happens to us, we blame someone else. For example, it is our bosses fault, or what is in the news, or another person did something, etc. But the truth is what comes in our lives is our own doing. We all need to take responsibility and ask ourselves why?

What is the lesson we can learn? Whatever is happening is OKAY. You need to take care of just yourself and not worry about others.

It is between you and your mind. It is first in your mind. You must take ownership of it, and get your mindset right before you look at the outside factors.

When you start to look at life circumstances like this individually in our minds and own circumstances, it will change the planet.

The outside looks scary, uncertain, out of our hands, yes… but whatever is outside… let that go, and come back to you and your mind.

Why did this information come to me and my life? Why did this person come to my life Why did this situation come to my life?

Ask yourself why are you in this situation? Finally ask yourself what can I do about it? How can you think about it differently? What have you learned from it? How can you avoid it in the future?

Take care of yourself, and watch the outside world change for the better. When we do this, we understand our own journey. We know how to heal it, how to behave, how to process it.

It helps a lot to write it down in 3 steps. Here they are below, return to these questions when you start to second guess:
     1. What has happened to me?
     2. What can I learn from it? How can I do better?
     3. How can I avoid it going forward?

What is happening in my life is about me and my mind. Why things have happened or are happening in your life starts there.

Best always,
Rachel Ben-or

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1 thought on “Taking Ownership of What Happens to Us”

  1. Thanks so much Really needed to see this right now. These steps are so helpful in getting to the real root of my current situation.


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