Judgment & Criticism – Why They Are Not Good for Us

Judgements and criticism are not good for us. I want to remind you of the negativity both of these carry.

When judgement and criticism come at us, you need to ask yourself why? How did I attract this to me? This way you can recognize what is in yourself that is attracting this.

It is always us.

What I mean is, we are sending out judgement and criticism to others, even if we don’t realize it, and it has come back to us.

When you see someone in a dress that you don’t like, and you critique it… how you do it comes back at you. When we judge another person on what they wear, do or say…it comes back to us. On how they act… it comes back to us.

It is best not to judge and criticize. You can say this is my opinion, and this is how I see it, but you should not put that judgement and criticism onto another person.

We never know what another individual is going through… and when we put that onto them, in thoughts, and words, it comes back to us.

What we send out comes back.

Each one of us sees different things, thinks differently. We must have respect that each one of us is in a process in life.

We can go through things that are easy to judge, but instead of judging the person… try to just say okay, I respect that, this is my opinion, its not for me, but they can do it.

It is different energy that way. Just remember cause and effect, everything comes back to us like a ping-pong.

We need to be careful, the way we talk or think about others. Don’t put the other person down, don’t do that because it will come back to you and when it does you must ask yourself why did I attract this in?

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