Why People From the Past Come Back to Us

I want to talk about this topic – when people from the past come back to us. We haven’t seen or thought about these people for some time, and they show up back in our lives.

For example, a member of the family, a person we loved, someone you knew well but had a falling out with, etc. Maybe you were not in touch, or they moved away, or you moved away.

Anyways, when these people come back into our lives it is for a reason. They come back into our world, and we ask why?

We are fine, we have moved on, we feel it brings up the past, we question it. For example, it can be someone you are now divorced from and don’t have kids with, someone you loved deeply, or a girlfriend or boyfriend, a boss, coworker, relative.

We ask why? It takes us by surprise. People come to us to help us learn something about ourselves. To achieve something. Usually, it comes with a lesson. To learn to get to the next level, the next lesson in our personal lives.

When you start to question why someone is in your life, find compassion and patience, realize there is something here you need to learn, or they need to learn.

How can we be different now? I want you to understand that it is something unfinished. There is a reason they are back in your life. Whether to learn something, to process something, to understand.

Take it with love and appreciation. It is something you can learn from and move on from. Be with them with a more open mind, listen to them, try and love them even if they don’t fit your life now, try to understand what you can learn from them, why they showed up again. They are here to teach you something.

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