Challenging Thoughts that Keep Coming into Our Minds

Challenging thoughts that keep coming into our minds such as: why are things not happening like I want? Why does my life not look the way I want? Why does this keep happening to me? Why don’t I have that yet?

And so on… know that when questions like these come to us, we have to understand they are here to show us we have to overcome a challenge, a blockage within ourselves.

Basically, when these thoughts come to us, they are telling us we need to go through this challenge. They are areas of life where there is negativity, doubt, fear, lack.

We have to remember this because recognizing it is the first step.

When you overcome them, you let in. Just remember that when you are in the dark, or you don’t know what to do, you feel overwhelmed, you can always overcome that state by changing your thoughts, and by sharing.

You can find the light by sharing, giving love, giving attention to another person, a compliment, a friend.

You can tune into what you can do right now, and when we do that our worries, fears, and tough situations becomes smaller and less important, and soon go away.

Remember that what you do always comes back to you. So what you give you get back.
Give what you can to others, acknowledge their challenge, and then be sharing, be loving, be caring.

When you are in a place that doesn’t feel good, or feels hard, return to love and what you can give, and watch the magic happen.

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